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For emergency drainage troubles call the drainage maintenance experts

Friday, May 13th, 2011

Getting rid of the clogging problem as soon as it occurs is important. You must get your clogging problem fixed before it escalates. In such situations, many people look to solve their issue by themselves. There is the possibility that you may panic and complicate your own problems. Drain maintenance and management is a tough task, and in such emergencies, you should consider hiring the services of a professional. Household drainage troubles When you need to solve your drain maintenance issues, contact an emergency drain cleaning company. A drain cleaning company can take care of all your drain maintenance issues. Emergency drain cleaning companies can provide services whenever you need them. Any time you face any kind of drainage problem, call in the experts and your problem will be taken care of. From small blockages to bigger drainage problems, these companies specialise in all types of drainage troubles. Industrial drainage problems and solutions Drainage problems at industrial sites can be hazardous and dangerous. The industrial waste disposed of can be toxic and may affect human health. Avoiding these situations by hiring drain cleaning companies is advisable. You cannot risk the lives of the people working in your company. Industrial drainage must be regularly checked. Drain maintenance is important and must not be ignored under any circumstances.

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Drain jetting – All you need to know about it

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Many people find drain jetting to be a really dirty job, but otherwise, one would be changing their drain pipes even more often. Replacing drain pipes may not be a feasible option. Here is all you should know about drain jetting. A stitch in time saves nine Drain jetting is the only way to steer clear from the need to change drain pipes. Drain pipes get clogged because of any kind of junk and unnecessary things we dump into them. Over a period of time the grease and other sediments settle in the drain and create clogs. This makes it difficult for the water to flow down the drain. The flow of water is slow and eventually becomes completely obstructed. Drain jetting is the best way to tackle this sticky situation and saving your drain pipes. Replacing the drain pipes will cost you much more than drain jetting ever would. Just a pressure washer The name ‘drain jetting’ may be intimidating but all you need is a pressure washer. A pressure washer blasts water at a very high pressure and pushes out any dirt and other sediments stuck in the drain pipes. This is one of the best ways as it eliminates the need to use your hands in the process. This makes the process very hygienic and hassle free. One can find a pressure washer at a hardware store. It can be rented if you do not wish to purchase it. Also, remember to take all the necessary precautions like wearing the appropriate clothing, thick rubber gloves and safety goggles. This will make sure you are safe while you carry out the task.

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The importance of professional drain cleaning and repairs

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Routine drain maintenance is an important part of facilities management. At times when the drains are not maintained adequately, unnecessary and expensive complication might occur. For instance, a drainage system can get badly broken or blocked. However, if your drains are well maintained, you should not face many issues with blocked or clogged drains. There are many people who do not consider the importance of regular drain maintenance. In fact, such people only look after their drains when serious problems occur. This can eventually become a costly affair. To ensure this problem does not happen to your drains, hiring professional drain cleaning services for routine maintenance would be a wise move. Options with drain repairs A few years ago, when drains became broken, warped or cracked, there was a need to replace the entire pipeline. For this, excavation was required. However, the modern drain cleaning techniques have become much simpler. They are quicker, cheaper and effective as well. Drains can get cracked due to many different reasons. Heavy traffic and ground movement are some problems that cause drain issues. This happens when things get blocked in the drainage and sewer lines. Once the drainage system develops cracks, roots can easily get into the pipes. This can lead to serious blockages and eventually collapse. High pressure drain jetting and CCTV surveys are the newest forms of drain cleaning and maintenance procedures. While CCTV surveys are helpful in determining the actual cause of the drain blockage, high pressure drain jetting is an effective procedure to blast off the dirt and debris.

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An overview of descalers

Monday, May 9th, 2011

What is descaling? Descaling is the process by which a descaling agent is used to prevent or to remove the build up of limestone inside your drainage system. A steady build up of limestone causes your pipes to clog. Descaling is essential for drain maintenance. In order for you to deal with your clogging problem, it is necessary to know the different kinds of descalers. If you receive water with a high mineral and salt content, you can be assured that you will need to perform descaling at some point. Minerals and salts have a degrading effect on pipes. The primary aim of water descalers is to reduce the mineral content in your water. You should try and stick to salt-free water softeners, as the salt based ones may contribute to your problem. Types of descalers Magnetic Descalers: This process involves the strategic placement of several magnets on a metallic pipe. This process is said to drastically reduce build-up and also soften water. However each magnet will burn a sizeable hole in your wallet, and hence this treatment is used only by large companies for their drain maintenance. Electric Descalers: This process employs an electric pulse, shot through the water. Reverse Osmosis: This is considered to be the most popular of all descaling processes, because it has been proved effective over the years. Reverse osmosis was first used for desalinating sea water, so that it could be fit for drinking. Electro-Magnetic: As its name suggests, this process combines the electric and the magnetic descaling process.

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Drain jetting – A cure for blocked drains

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

Drain jetting is the term used when condensed, pressurised water is forced into the drain at huge pressure. The sheer force of the water clears the blockage and dislodges the debris. How do you ascertain whether your drain needs to be flushed? The best time to have you drains jetted is right after you have cleared a blocked drain. This ensures that the same blockage won’t happen again. Your drain takes away all of your sewage and waste. And gradual and unchecked build up of grease along the inside of the drain can cause a blockage. Drain jetting is the fastest and most eco-friendly way of clearing the blockage. A ‘drain jetting session’ lasts for a few hours depending upon the diameter of the pipe and the length of the drain and the consistency of blockage. In some cases, roots have been found to be the cause of the blockage. In these cases a water propelled root-cutter is used to slowly trim the intrusion. CCTV’s are used to monitor the whole process, to ensure that the drainpipe is not damaged in anyway. There are a few precautions that you can take to reduce drain blockages. Grease from cooking should never be poured down the sink. As it slides down your drain, the cooking grease will stick to the walls of the drainpipe.

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Top 5 reasons to hire professional drain cleaning services

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

There are several reasons why you should consider hiring professional drain cleaning services. When the problem of blocked drains occurs, people tend to use drain cleaning powder and other cleaning agents. While this works in some cases, the problem just worsens in most cases. To avoid this, it is always recommended to hire professional drain cleaning services. Some advantages of opting for professional drain cleaners Experience Professional drain cleaners in London have the experience and expertise to get the job done quickly and effectively. Equipment Plumbers are well equipped with all the required cleaners, tools and equipment to ensure that the job gets done faster and in an easier way. Saves time Individuals who are unaware of drain cleaning procedure tend to spend a considerable amount of time learning it. On the other hand, as professionals have the required knowledge, they can quickly get the drains cleaned. This helps to save considerable amount of time. Affordable Many people have a misconception that professional drain cleaning services are quite costly. However, it is not so. With a number of drain cleaning services available today, you can easily find the one that offers best services at affordable costs. Effective cleaning As professionals are well trained, they know where the exact problem lies and the way to solve it without much hassle. Due to all these advantages, it is always recommended to opt for professional drain cleaning services. With routine drain cleaning, you can be rest assured that your drains perform effectively without any problems.

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