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Flooding in Bowburn reduced due to new sewer system

Friday, October 15th, 2010

Work on a £300,000 upgrade to the sewer system in Bowburn, County Durham, is expected to start on Monday the 1st of November. The work which will provide flood protection for houses on Runcie Road and will mean the adjacent footpath will be closed for the period of the works. The works are expected to take three months to complete and traffic signage will be in place at Bowburn South Industrial Estate. The project manager for the scheme, Ian Cunliffe stated:

“Reducing the risk of flooding is one of Northumbrian Water’s top priorities. “This improvement work, which will involve constructing 245 metres of new sewer pipe at Bowburn South Industrial Estate, will increase the capacity of the network and provide the residents of Runcie Road with some protection for the future.”
There will be a two week break in works during the Christmas period to avoid traffic disruption in the area. Work will not require access to customer’s homes, so it is hoped that disruption caused will be at a minimum during the works. Construction traffic is going to be using a site compound at Bowburn South Industrial estate.

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Road in Southport undergoes drainage repairs

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

A busy road in the centre of Southport is undergoing sewer repairs after the road collapsed last week leaving a gaping hole in the carriageway. London Street is currently undergoing repairs, which started on Monday, to fix a drain that leaked, causing subsoil under the road to be washed away. The six foot deep hole was noticed by a local MOT depot last Wednesday at around 12pm, it is apparently not the first time the road has had problems of this sort in the last year. Following a two day assessment of the road that took place last week, United Utilities decided that work would take approximately a week to complete. Work started on Monday, a United Utilities spokesperson stated:

“We have reached the damaged section of sewer, assessed the damage and we are starting repairs today [Monday]. “We expect the work will take a week and we should have the road reopened by next Monday morning.”
The owner of a nearby garage has been badly affected by the damage to the road as vehicles can no longer enter his premises.

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Leamington Spa gets £7.8m sewer upgrade

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Work on a £7.8m sewer upgrade in Leamington Spa is expected to start next week. The works, which are expected to commence on the 18th of October, will include the installation of a brand new sewer in Victoria Park and the renewal of around two kilometres of sewer pipe across the town. Due to a surge in population in the city, the town’s Victorian sewers are struggling to cope with the increased demands put on them. The works will reduce flood risk in an area of the town and improve the quality of the water in the River Leam. The senior operations manager of Severn Trent Water stated:

“This is a great scheme for Leamington, bringing its sewerage system into the 21st century, “It is a big project so we have worked very closely with community representatives, business leaders, the Environment Agency, Warwickshire County Council Highways Department and other utilities to make sure that we minimise the impact on the community during these works. “When completed, the project will not only reduce the risk of sewer flooding in the town but also improve the water quality of the River Leam.”
A public exhibition of the works will be held in the town in early 2011 and the works are expected to be completed sometime in April 2012.

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Sewer works start today on Princess Street, Manchester

Monday, October 11th, 2010

Sewer works in Manchester city centre will start today (11th Oct) to replace a section of sewer that collapsed on Princess Street. The sewer, which in places is up to ten metres deep, needs to be repaired after United Utilities found the issue recently. Throughout the works, one lane will be closed to traffic while drain maintenance engineers dig a shaft to the collapse in the middle of the roadway. The works have been carefully planned in conjunction with the highways agency and the contractors that United Utilities have chosen to use. Motorists are being warned that there will be lengthy delays in the affected area. United Utilities Ian Fullalove stated:

"This is a big and complicated repair job. The sewer is buried deep beneath the road, and unfortunately, we have no option but to sink a shaft into the middle lane of Princess Street in order to access the damaged area. "We're advising motorists to avoid using Princess Street if they can, and choose an alternative route. Although one lane will remain open on Princess Street, it is likely to be very slow going."

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Sewer upgrade means unadopted estate will be granted adoption status

Friday, October 8th, 2010

An unadopted estate has finally been granted adoption status by Sefton council after an agreement was put in place to upgrade the sewers and the condition of the pavement and street furniture. The Satinwood Crescent estate has been unadopted since it was built 12 years ago. However, when work is carried out on a nearby pumping station, United Utilities will take control of the sewer system. When this happens, Sefton council will adopt the estate. Councillor Tony Carr has been working at getting the estate adopted since he was elected. He stated:

“The problem was that the sewage system was not up to standard, meaning adoption couldn't go ahead. “But after the meeting, it has now been agreed that Sefton Council will carry out the work and Persimmon and Morris Homes will be billed equally for that work. This will happen within the next six weeks. “Morris Homes have also put aside a budget to improve the condition of the pavement and the street furniture which will be completed before the formal adoption by Sefton Council.”
The news will come as a relief for estate residents who will be glad their sewer systems will be improved and brought up to current standards.

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River Ribble waste storage tanks

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

Two huge waste storage tanks may be installed at Penwortham on the River Ribble to stop waste sewage flowing into the river at times of heavy rainfall. The plans for the tanks, which are yet to be approved, will see the tanks installed at Valley Road and Cop Lane. The waste system upgrade works, which are estimated to cost around £9.8m, include the two 1,700 litre tanks and work on sewer overflows to stop waste matter making its way into the River Ribble at times of heavy rainfall. The project manager overseeing the job, Andy Kidd, summarised:

“It’s essential that the quality of water entering the Estuary is improved. If our plans are approved, the works will ensure the watercourse returns to a healthy state producing thriving environments for people and wildlife. “Unfortunately, some disruption is inevitable but we hope people will agree the long-term benefits to cleaning up the Ribble Estuary are worth short-term inconvenience, as bathing waters along the Fylde Coast will improve too.”
If the plans are approved, work could start on the build as early as January with completion before the end of 2011.

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Work on Lee Tunnel sewer starts

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

Work on the anticipated Lee Tunnel stated at Beckon shaft at the end of last week. The Lee Tunnel sewer will take discharged waste from the combined overflow at Abbey Mills in Stratford to the sewage treatment works at Beckton. The estimated cost of the new sewage network is thought to be in excess of £635m, with sections of the sewer as wide as three double decker buses in places. When completed, the Lee Tunnel will hopefully stop 16 million tonnes of raw sewage flowing into the River Lee every year. The tunnel will be 75 metres deep in places and will be the deepest sewage tunnel ever constructed in London. The project is the largest engineering project Thames Water has ever undertaken. Although the tunnel is a huge undertaking, it will only stop around 40% of the sewage that flows into the River Lee and the River Thames every year. The tunnelling work will start in early 2012 and the completion of the project is due in 2014. The chief executive of Thames Water, Martin Baggs, stated:

“Abbey Mills is the largest sewer overflow in London, so the Lee Tunnel will deal with this first so we can have the biggest impact, most quickly.”
Work is already underway at London’s five major sewage treatment works to modernise facilities and allow them to treat more waste.

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Drain excavation and drain lining

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Many residents are worried that a problem with their drainage system will mean that they have to have their drainage pipes excavated and replaced. This may mean that the garden will have to be excavated and in some cases also the driveway, causing major disruption. Although in some cases a drain excavation is unavoidable, there is another solution to repair damaged drainage pipes. Drain lining is a method used by drainage experts to repair damaged pipes without the need for excavation. Drain lining To insert a liner in the drain, the drainage expert will conduct a CCTV survey to find out where the damage is along the pipe’s length. They can then ‘blow’ a resin impregnated liner into the damaged section, where it is inflated so it moulds to the internal diameter of the pipe. The resin sets hard and the drain’s integrity is restored. Although there will be some loss in diameter when the liner is fitted, what is lost in diameter will be made up for by the increased flow rate. Fitting a drain liner is a great alternative to difggin up a section of damaged drain.

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Emsworth residents to get new sewer system

Monday, October 4th, 2010

Residents in Emsworth, Portsmouth, will face some traffic disruption over the next few months due to sewer replacement works. A new sewer will be laid under Kings Road and Warblington Road by Southern Water to reduce the risk of flooding in the area. Road closures will take place over the next few months, with sections of Warblington Road closed from the 11th of October and sections of Kings Road closed form the 18th of October. The work is expected to be completed in February. While the work is taking place, diversions will be in place on all the roads affected, but residents will still have full access to their homes. The new sewer line will run under Kings Road from Western Parade and from Warblington Road to its junction with Beech Road. Dennis Taplin the drain maintenance engineer in charge of the works stated:

“This is an important scheme which will reduce the risk of sewer flooding. “Schemes such as this will inevitably cause some disruption but I'd like to assure customers we'll do all we can to keep this to a minimum.”

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Drainage inspections for mortgage applications

Friday, October 1st, 2010

With the economy feeling the backlash of the economic downturn, it is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain a mortgage. And while in the past the banks and building societies were ‘throwing’ money at applicants, they are now taking the responsibility of money lending more seriously. If you have applied for a mortgage on a property, you will of course need at least a basic valuation survey, so that the mortgage company can recover their money if you are unable to make your future monthly payments. And the surveyor will visit your house to check the integrity of the building. One thing he may suggest in the survey report, depending on what he finds, is a drainage inspection report. A complete renewal of a drainage system can cost a fair amount of money, so the mortgage company may need to be aware of any issues before lending you the cash. Drainage companies in London can carry out inspections of your drainage system as requested by mortgage companies, so that the agreement of the mortgage application can take place. From detailed surveys of the entire drainage system, to a check of the general condition of your drains have the equipment to do the job.

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