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Drain jetting to remove the build up of waste matter

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Few homeowners realise that the sewer pipe that leaves their home is their property until it reaches the public sewer system. This means that they are liable to pay for and instigate repairs to the pipe if necessary due to damage or basic neglect. It can be devastating for the homeowner if the waste pipe that leaves their home becomes blocked. And in the worst cases, raw sewage can back up and find its way into the home. That’s why it’s so important to carry out remedial action on the sewer pipe as soon as you notice a problem. Drain blockages can be caused by a number of things, including putting incorrect items into the drain. But sometimes it’s just a build up of waste deposits that can cause a blockage. At the first sign of a blockage the homeowner should consult a drainage professional who will advise them on the remedial action needed to remove the blockage. In most cases this will be simple unblocking of the pipe using high pressure water jetting. In this method a jet of water is inserted into the pipe under high pressure. The pressure is usually enough to break up the clog into smaller sized components that can then be removed by the drainage professional from the nearest inspection cover.

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Fenlands district council discuss sewer problems with Anglian water

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

Residents in Wisbech faced further sewer problems last week after heavy rain fell in the area. A sewer in Milner Road backed up to the point that the inspection hatches were lifted and raw sewage found its way into resident’s gardens. One resident, 90year-old Cissie Harris had sewage in her front garden and on her driveway, she stated:

"I was woken up at five o'clock in the morning on Monday by the toilet bubbling. There was a terrible smell because sewage was running under my bedroom window. You could smell it right through the house."
The drains on Milner Road are particularly prone to flooding when there is torrential rain. And it seems since 2007 residents and the water board have been trying to solve the problem. Sand bags have been delivered and gullies have been cleaned, however, it seems the action has made no difference. A spokesperson for Fenland district council stated:
"Following extensive rain, we are currently working with Anglian Water to investigate and try to resolve this flooding incident and other issues across the district."
Anglian water stated:
"We apologise to the residents of Milner Road for the disruption caused by flooding during the recent very heavy rainfall. We are currently investigating possible solutions for this problem. "We are encouraging all customers to be mindful of things they put down the sewers, as fats, oils and grease as well as nappies and sanitary products can cause blockages in the sewer system, exacerbating the effects of flooding during heavy rain."

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Drains clogged by fat cost Scottish Water £2m every year

Monday, September 6th, 2010

Scottish Water is starting to clamp down on commercial premises that discharge cooking fats into the countries sewers by handing them a fine of £40,000. It costs Scottish Water £2m every year to unblock the countries sewers after they have become clogged with congealed fat. And it warns that unless companies do something to alleviate the problem, overflowing drains and sewers could become a common occurrence. Most sewer problems caused by congealed fats are due to the irresponsible actions of takeaway and restaurant owners who pour fats down their drains. So Scottish Water has released a list of the top 10 problem areas as it aims to highlight the issues it has to face on a daily basis. The list of offenders includes tourist destinations St Andrews and Edinburgh. Alex Milligan, Scottish Water’s trade effluent advisor stated:

"The impact is not just on locals but on the tourist industry as well, "You can imagine what it must be like, visiting a town or a village and the first thing you see is sewage running down the road. It doesn't exactly enhance the tourist experience."
Scottish Water is hoping commercial establishments start to use grease traps on drains as is commonplace in many other countries in the EU. The traps stop the grease from clogging the sewage system and can not only relieve blockage issues for Scottish Water; they can also alleviate problems for the business owner as well.

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What is meant by descaling?

Sunday, September 5th, 2010

There’s nothing worse than finding out your drains are blocked. There are all sorts of things that can cause a drain blockage but in order to establish the problem and, more importantly, clear it, you will need to call in a drain maintenance company. One of the techniques used by companies that will look at your blocked drain in London is completed using a high pressure water jetting machine. They then might find that your drains need descaling. Descaling refers to a treatment that will remove the rough edges around the drain that could possibly cause more blockages. In order to descale, a drain maintenance company will use a descaling machine. This machine will scrape away any deposits in the pipe. The next task is to push the scale through the pipes so that it can be removed. A water jet may be used again for this task to blast the deposits away. Once this treatment has been carried out, you will notice that your drains work a lot more efficiently. But it’s important to ensure that you call the drain maintenance company back on a regular basis to ensure that the problem doesn’t return.

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