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Sewage problems continue to plague family’s garden

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

It has recently been reported in the news that a family in Wallington, London have experienced a situation where raw sewage has swamped their back garden for the third time. On each occasion, heavy rain has caused waste from a covered manhole to pour in to the garden and the water supplier has so far not been able to deal with the problem. The homeowner, Debbie Rodgers, a mother of three children, has called for a solution to be found for the problem, which first began back in 2008. Thames Water has been unable to solve the issue despite a number of attempts. A spokesman for the company explained:

"We completed a thorough clean-up of the garden on July 14 and carried out a CCTV survey within the sewer on July 16 to identify any issues that could have contributed to the sewer flooding. "This footage will be reviewed and we will then take the necessary action. "In August 2009 the garden flooded after bricks and concrete had been put down the sewer. "The sewers are only designed to carry human waste, water and toilet tissue. Anything else can cause nasty blockages, and in this particular case, misery for the people who have experienced flooding."
If you ever find yourself with a similar problem and require help with drainage-related issues, always speak to the drain maintenance professionals who are able to deliver satisfaction and value for money to all London property owners.

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Nursing home given the go-ahead after a CCTV survey

Monday, July 26th, 2010

Plans for an extension to a nursing home in Malvern were recently given approval after a clause in the contract was added that states a CCTV drainage survey must be carried out on the sewerage system. The nursing home on Victoria road, Malvern will see a major redevelopment including refurbishment works and a much needed extension. However, residents in the surrounding area complained, stating reasons such as tress would be removed and privacy would be lost. Another concern was that sewers on Victoria road have flooded a number of times in the past and there were fears the expansion of the property would put an extra strain on the sewerage system. However, after reassurances and plans for a full CCTV survey were drawn up, the development control committee gave the go-ahead for the development. Problems with drainage can cause serious problems for homeowners, so it’s no wonder these residents wanted assurances before the plans were given the OK. Using a CCTV survey, the drainage professionals will be able to find out what is causing the drains to overflow and carry out the necessary repairs, so the problem can be solved.

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Descaling drainage pipes in London

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

If you live in a hard water area such as London, scale can cause serious problems to your drainage pipes. Drainage pipes can quickly accumulate a large amount of scale, especially if the pipes are old and the surface provides a suitable medium for the scale to build up. If you notice the waste water is being carried more slowly when you empty the sink, this could be indicative of scaled pipes. Scale can reduce the internal diameter of the pipe, so on occasions the pipes may need to be descaled. Descaling of pipes is not a difficult job, but needs to be carried out by drainage professionals in the city where you live. They will first conduct a CCTV survey to find out the extent of the scale and then use a descaling machine which cuts the scale from the inside of the pipe restoring it to its previous internal diameter. If you haven’t had the drainage pipes that lead form your home checked recently, it is a good idea to give them a once-over. You drainage company will be able to determine if there is a problem and will offer a cost-effective solution.

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1,000 tonnes of fat found in the sewers under Leicester square

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

We have mentioned in our articles before the problems that fat can have on homeowner’s drainage systems, but the amount of fat removed from sewers underneath Leicester Square has left us astounded. The sewers underneath Leicester Square in London have recently been cleaned-up in what is thought to be the biggest sewer clean-up of its kind. And during the process, 1,000 tonnes of congealed putrid fat was found. The drainage professionals in London couldn’t initially get access to the sewer because a four-foot wall of solid fat blocked their path. The sewer clean-up operation is expected to last over two weeks, with drain cleaning in London experts tackling the blockage by breaking up the fat using high pressure water jetting devices. It has been estimated that the amount of fat found could fill nine double-decker buses. London’s drainage systems have to cope with a huge amount of waste products on a daily basis and after years of abuse it is no wonder problems like this occur. However, the amount of fat is unprecedented, with one Thames Water employee stating:

“We're used to getting our hands dirty, but nothing on this scale.”

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Dundee man’s drain problem sees raw sewage in back garden

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

A man from Dundee is counting the cost of a blocked sewer that washed human waste, condoms and needles into his back garden. The cause of the problem was an overflowing sewer near his property. Scottish water were called out to solve the problem when it first occurred last year and since then Mr Robertson, the homeowner, has had subsequent problems in February and the latest event last week. Mr Robertson’s girlfriend and three children can’t use the garden until the problem has been solved. Scottish water confirmed that their workers had cleared a blockage at Mr Robertson’s home and a specialist contractor had visited to clean up the contaminated area. A spokesperson stated:

“If this is a recurring problem we will look to investigate further to help resolve the issue,”
Drainage problems like this can have a severe impact on a family’s life. So they should be corrected as soon as a problem is found. The contaminants in Mr Roberson’s garden pose a real risk to his family, so it’s hoped a professional drain maintenance company can solve the problem as soon as possible.

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Descaling drainage pipes in London

Friday, July 9th, 2010

Drainage pipes can operate with little maintenance for decades. But after a certain amount of time, you may notice that the flow rate from your bath or sink slows down. This could be due to the build up of waste products in the trap, or it could be that the drainage pipe has a reduced diameter. A drainage pipe can have a reduced diameter because of a number of reasons, but the most likely is that a build up of scale is hampering the flow of waste water. Scale usually forms in hard water areas such as London and can cause serious problems to the drainage system. Drain maintenance companies have now developed state of the art technology to remove scale from the inside of the pipes, without the need for digging or complete pipe replacement. They use a device called an electro-mechanical descaling machine. This removes the scale from the inside of the pipe by rotating a think cable that has a scale cutting head attached. The cable is fed into the drainage network and slowly cuts away the scale from the pipe, restoring it to its full waste carrying capacity. Scale can be the cause of many drainage problems in London, so it’s important to contact a drain maintenance company at the first sign of a problem occurring.

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Busy road in Cambridge closed for six weeks for sewer repairs

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

It can have a serious knock-on effect when a sewer collapses. And residents in Cambridge are facing just that, after a busy road has had to be closed so contractors can undertake emergency sewer repairs. Mill Road in Cambridge will be shut from today for at least six weeks. The sewer, which is maintained by Anglian water, is about 9 metres under the road surface and needs complete replacement. Mill Road will be closed between Coleridge road and Perne road while the repairs are carried out and a diversion will be in place throughout the works. The closure will have a knock-on effect to residents and businesses on the road, but work needs to be carried out to restore the integrity of the sewerage system. Collapsed sewers can have a devastating effect on homeowners, not to mention local businesses. But drainage work needs to be carried out swiftly on problems like this. The above is a problem involves a large sewer pipe, but drain collapse can also happen to the much smaller pipes that leave your home. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have the contact details of a local drainage company so you can call them at a moment’s notice should the occasion arise.

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Descaling sewer pipes in London

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

If you live in a hard water area such as London, your drainage pipes can develop a coating on the inside called scale. This scale is due to the mineral deposits in the water and over a few years can actually reduce the pipe diameter by some extent. Scale isn’t a smooth substance and can cause problems for homeowners because sewer pipes that are scaled are more likely to become blocked. Descaling services in London have become very popular over the last few years. A professional drainage company will use an electro-mechanical cutter to remove the scale from the inside of the pipe and hence restore its diameter to its previous waste carrying capacity. If a drainage company have not inspected your drainage pipes for a number of years, perhaps now is the time to have a CCTV survey done to view the extent of the damage? The CCTV survey will give you an in depth report of the current condition of your drainage pipes and will make necessary recommendations so the system can be brought up to current standards. And more importantly, so you don’t get a blocked drain.

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Blocked sewage pipes cause devastation

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

One of the biggest drainage problems that most homeowners face is a blocked sewer pipe. Blocked sewers, whilst being extremely inconvenient, can also be extremely unhygienic and cause serious damage to a homeowner’s property. If you think you might have a problem with a blocked sewer, it’s important to take prompt action before the problem worsens. You might notice that the fluid level in the toilet takes longer to drop than usual or you may notice a bad smell emanating from the drain. If you ignore both these problems the drain may actually overflow and there is a possibility that raw sewage will flow into your home. Drain cleaning companies will be able to diagnose problems with blocked drainage really quickly and suggest a suitable remedy. They commonly use high pressure water jetting equipment which can remove blockages by dispersing them into small particles that can travel easily down the drain. If you have recurring drainage issues, the drain cleaning company may conduct a CCTV survey of the drain to find the cause of the problem. They can then make the necessary repairs and hence the drainage problem can be cured.

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