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Have a maintenance contract in place to solve your drainage problems

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

When you have a blocked drain, it can be quite difficult to find somebody reliable to rectify the problem for you. This can be especially true if you need the problem fixed quickly or if it has an impact on your day-to-day life. In situations like these, it can prove really helpful if you already have a contract with a drain cleaning company. If you live in a big city like London, you might have problems with your drains on a regular basis. If you own a large company of if you need to take care of a company’s maintenance schedule, having a drain maintenance contract can in fact be essential. Which drain maintenance company should I choose? There are many companies that provide drain maintenance solutions and also diagnose and repair faults whenever you have them, so how do you decide which company to choose? If the company offers a range of options such as drain jetting, pipe descaling and CCTV surveys you are already on the right lines. If they offer site surveys and will tailor a maintenance programme to suit you, you might have already found the right company. If you have a drainage problem and you already have a maintenance contract, the repair job will not only be undertaken quickly but it will also be done professionally by someone you can trust.

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Hydraulic drain access cover lifting

Friday, February 19th, 2010

Drain maintenance companies don’t just offer drain cleaning solutions. They can also offer services such as CCTV surveys and a full maintenance schedule for your drainage system. Some also offer solutions to problems such as drain chamber cover removal and replacement. What is a chamber cover and why does it seize? A drain chamber cover can be basically defined as the cover over the access point to the drainage system. We drive over these covers every day and occasionally see them lifted when someone needs access to a drainage system. These covers can be left in position for decades before they need to be lifted. And, in some cases the cover can actually fuse with the cover frame making it impossible to lift. Some of these drain covers are so heavy to lift that any person who tries to lift them may sustain personal injury. That is why drain maintenance companies use hydraulic lifting equipment to remove heavy drain covers. Using the right type of machinery to lift the cover means the cover will not be damaged and also means that it can be replaced safely. If it is impossible to lift the cover because of years of neglect, some drain maintenance companies will even replace the frame and cover completely so access can again be gained to the drain.

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Electro-mechanical descaling

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

If you have had a blocked drain, the drain cleaning company might have used high pressure water jetting to remove the blockage. But what caused the blockage in the first place? And, is there anything you can do to stop future blockages? After a drain blockage is removed, it is quite common for the drainage company to do a CCTV survey of the drain. This entails inserting a small video camera into the drain to find the source of the problem. It might be that the drain has just silted up after years of use and the cleaning has removed the blockage so no further problems can be seen. However, if the problem is caused by root ingress into the pipe or if the structure of the pipe is compromised further action may be needed. Another common cause of drain blockages is due to the inside of the pipe becoming ‘scaled’. If there are sharp edges in the pipe or if the pipe has a narrow bend, this may exacerbate the problem. The pipe can be descaled effectively by using an electro-mechanical descaling machine and the pipe can thus be restored to its full waste carrying capacity.

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Drain maintenance for large businesses

Monday, February 15th, 2010

We rely on miles of hidden pipe work to provide a route for the waste water we produce to be removed from our homes. We use these pipes everyday of our lives, but because they are hidden underground they are often forgotten. If you own a large commercial establishment in a large city such as London, you might need some sort of maintenance programme in place so the pipes that are used on your site, are kept free from blockages and hence work effectively whenever they are used. If a pipe becomes blocked at a large business premises, the potential on cost of services lost and business stoppages can cost a company thousands of pounds. If you have a drain maintenance programme in place situations like this can be avoided totally. The drain maintenance company will design a maintenance programme specifically for your business and tailor it to fit around your business needs. They may need to descale the pipes or just suggest remedial action if you have a problem. But, because they are just a phone call away you can rely on their prompt action at remedying a problem or offering a maintenance solution

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It’s easy to forget about the drainage systems we rely on every day

Sunday, February 7th, 2010

Drainage systems are an essential part of our lives, yet we never see them because they are buried deep underground. Whilst being buried means that they are kept away from humans, it can also mean that they are often forgotten and so only remembered when we encounter a problem. Without drainage systems, the removal of waste water and waste solids from our homes would be impossible to achieve. It’s easy to forget that when the toilet is flushed, the waste has to travel a huge distance before it is processed. Efficient functioning of our drainage systems is essential, so if you have a drain problem you need to hire the services of drain cleaning or maintenance professionals who will diagnose your drainage problem and suggest an appropriate remedy. Drain jetting companies If you have a drain that becomes blocked, the resulting flood can not only be messy but it can also be extremely unhygienic. Drain maintenance companies can remove the blockage by using high pressure jetting technology that can blast the blockage clear, thus resulting in the free flow of water once again.

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What is root intrusion and how can the problem be repaired?

Saturday, February 6th, 2010

Modern technology has meant that we can now see deep into drainage systems to locate problems and resolve them. The inherent problem with drainage systems is that they are located deep underground and so access can sometimes be prohibitive. In the past, if a blocked drain was suspected, the drainage system had to be completely dug up to find the source of the problem and then remedy it. Using CCTV surveys, drain companies can now locate the source of the problem and suggest an appropriate remedy without having to dig up the drain and thus cause little damage to the surrounding surface area. Root intrusion in drains One of the most common blockages we find in drains today is root intrusion. This happens when capillary roots from plants or trees find their way into the drainage system in their search for water. Because the water supply in a drain is abundant, the root system quickly develops until the problem escalates and the drain becomes completely blocked. If the drainage company finds that the blocked drain is caused by root intrusion, they can then use a specialist piece of equipment called a root cutter that trims back the roots so a liner material can be used to repair the section where the root intrusion occurred.

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Blocked drains cause problems in Severn Trent region

Friday, February 5th, 2010

Blocked drains can cause severe problems, but without realising that they are doing it, some people actually contribute to the problem by the disposal of items into the drainage system that should not be there. A recent report from Severn Trent sewerage found that items such as mobile phones, false teeth, pushchairs and even a suitcase full of money have been found in the drainage system. However, the items that cause most problems to the sewerage system are simple oils and fats that people dispose of down the plug hole after they have been used in the kitchen. Oils, fats and grease cause problems because they stick to the inside of drains and can only be removed by specialist drain cleaning equipment. How can I dispose of oils or fat? The report by Severn Trent stated that 90 people actually had raw sewage enter their homes last year due to blocked drainage problems. Most of these were problems that could have been avoided. If you use oil or fat when cooking, or if oil or fat is collected after perhaps cooking a roast, the best way to dispose of the fat is to wait for the substance to harden and then dispose of the hardened matter in the general waste bin.

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