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How high pressure drain jetting can clean your pipes

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

If there were any breakages or blockages in a drainage system, the only solution used to be to completely up dig the affected pipeline to repair or replace it. However, today drainage problems can be easily and quickly fixed with the help of advanced techniques. Modern plumbing equipment and unclogging chemicals have proven to be effective in eliminating problems. Drains often get blocked because of a build up of oil and grease in the pipes. Thus, for eliminating these build-ups, using modern drain cleaning techniques such as CCTV surveys and high pressure drain jetting is perfect. Whilst many people think that high pressure drain jetting is simply putting a hose into the drain or sewer pipe, this isn’t the case. It is actually an extremely sophisticated piece of specialised machinery that utilises modern technology to blast high pressure water towards the back of a drain in order to eliminate clogs. High pressure drain jetting is effective on grease and oil build ups as it melts the layers and then blasts it off, prior to it solidifying again. In the past, cleaning and eliminating these build ups would require days or weeks of work using shovels and picks. However, the task of drain cleaning can now be completed in a matter of minutes with the help of high pressure drain jetting. If you’re in London, drain jetting is extremely affordable and will have your drains back to their best in no time at all.

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North Lonsdale Residents face discomfort due to floods

Monday, December 21st, 2009

The recent flooding problems have caused grave discomfort to the residents of North Lonsdale. And Lonsdale folk have finally decided to take the matter into their own hands. The residents arranged a council meeting at Ulverston Town Council. According to them, the flooding could have been avoided with timely drain maintenance. Ian Lancaster, a resident of Kennedy Street, discussed the problem in detail at the council meeting. According to him, blocked drains were the major reason for the problem. However, the drains are still in the same condition without any repair. Ian said that there are around 16 blocked drains in the locality. Such blockages have prevented other drains from running freely. He feels that the concerned officials should take responsibility for the blocked drains. Dave Myers, another resident, also suggested that the blocked drains are the major reason behind this problem. The presence of blocked particles made flooding inevitable. Dave Myers also found that only one drain was functioning appropriately during the floods. The residents themselves have cleaned some of the blocked drains. Almost all the 14 drains were blocked due to accumulation of grit. The residents are infuriated due to the Government’s apathy in spite of recent flood warnings. And Council members have decided to arrange a special flood summit for all local Government officials.

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Factors responsible for flooding in cities

Sunday, December 13th, 2009

Many people have a general perception that floods occur only during heavy showers or extremely bad weather. Flooding can happen anywhere and at any place. The ever growing cities like London can have floods any day. Flooding can occur due to many different factors. The drainage system is very old in some parts, especially in London. Flooded roads are due to water logging in the drainage systems. Drainage systems are constructed with concrete but are very delicate in nature. Even the excessive falling of leaves during autumn can clog the drains and make them overflow, causing severe flooding. Many times it is a main water pipe that has burst. This overflow of water, if not attended in time, can cause severe damage to property and health. The floods due to house pipe leaks and blockages can damage property to a great extent. There are natural floods also where the rivers are over full. These can cause further damage if the drainage systems are not clear for water to drain away. You can seek the services of a professional drain maintenance company to help you.

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The basic principles of drain cleaning

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

Blocked drains are a common problem that can happen to any building, especially in areas where there is huge pressure on drains. London is a massive city with a huge population- which can put pressure on even the strongest of drains, which makes regular drain cleaning in a city such as this particularly important. Blocked drains can create major problems, and regular drain cleaning is one of the best ways of avoiding it. Many different things such as food, waste, tree roots and hair can cause drain blockages, and the drain cleaning process will vary depending on what the problem is. Unlike earlier drain cleaning techniques, the ones used today are very effective. High pressure water jetting and CCTV surveys are the most commonly used techniques for drain cleaning. In CCTV surveys, professionals use CCTV cameras to detect the problem areas. This CCTV camera sends the images onto a television screen, so that the drain cleaning professional gets a clear idea of the exact problem, so that drain cleaning can be completed with ease. London drain cleaning services can make sure that your drains are well maintained. These companies have all of the required tools and expertise to clean your blocked drains quickly and without causing major disturbances.

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Types of drainage systems and drain maintenance

Saturday, December 5th, 2009

People often get confused about their drainage systems and how to maintain them. However, it’s important to know a little bit about the systems to help prevent any potential problems. There are many different varieties of pipes and drains which take your waste water to the main sewer. • Private drainage: This type of drain is solely maintained by the owner of the property, and they are responsible for the repairs and bills. These drains take waste water from the property to the main drainage system. • Private sewer: A locality will have about 5 to 6 apartments connected to one sewer. The drains of all of the premises connect to the main private sewer and waste is then flushed to a main sewer. Drain maintenance and repairs are the responsibility of all the owners of the apartments. • Public sewer: The pipes that carry large volumes of waste under roads are the public sewers. These are maintained by an authority or council, and are then connected to the major pipelines of national sewers. Drainage systems are both private and public property. People have to work in sync to get wastage out of the residential area, and this has an effect on the entire highway drainage system.

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How to keep your drains clear

Friday, December 4th, 2009

When your sinks start to get blocked, it’s time for you to take some serious action. The foul odour of blocked drains is difficult to avoid if the necessary steps are not taken on time. You need to act quickly by contacting your local drainage company. After any blockages are removed, it is likely that the block may occur again unless you get the entire drainage system checked. You may need to opt for high pressure jetting of the drainage system. Your home is connected to hundreds of lateral pipes which are connected to the main drainage system. Drains commonly get clogged because of grease and other oil based substances. You should ideally get a routine check up of your drains every 6 months. If you live in London, drain cleaning and maintenance may seem like a huge task, so it’s important that you leave the task to the experts, as they are well trained and fully equipped to carry out the job properly. London drainage companies specialise in all types of drain cleaning, and can help to prevent future problems.

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Lack of drain maintenance causing problems to cyclists

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

The cyclists from the region of Douglas on the Isle of Man are facing serious trouble due to ongoing drainage problems. The drainage coupled with bad weather conditions has further elevated the problem. The current unfavourable weather has further damaged certain parts of the Peel railway line. The cyclists in particular cannot access this particular path. The damaged railway line and clogged drain is already causing inconvenience to the residents. Joseph Moore is one of the residents who complained about the inability to cross the Heritage Trail due to the presence of water pools and potholes. He said that the sign posted near the stream clearly states that the route is intended for walking, cycling and horse riding. However, the damaged route renders it useless for such residents. Joseph feels that this particular path can be transformed into an attractive spot for tourists and locals. Joseph also suggested the transformation of the place into a pleasant and attractive spot. The proposal has now been passed over to the Department for Transport. According to a spokesman from the Department for Transport, the officials concerned will begin the restoration work in the near future. They will also be providing an alternative route to the cyclists from the A1 in Douglas to Peel Road. The lack of drain maintenance is the major reason for this persistent problem. The concerned officials will install sewage links to put an end to this problem.

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