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Stourbridge residents face further flooding

Monday, November 30th, 2009

The residents of Stourbridge are currently facing problems due to flooding in the region of Stourbridge Road. The flooding has caused a large pool of water near the mini traffic island. According to a local ward councilor, the resurfacing completed in the last week would have eliminated the problem. However, the Worcester County Council feels that the flooding was caused due to the persistent problem of blocked drains. They also said that the new road surface did not cause this problem in the first place. Howard Martin, Mayor, said that the flooded areas can cause problems to the motorists and residents alike. He also said that the present situation is serious. The Mayor expressed his opinion that the resurfacing work carried out last week would have lead to a permanent solution to the problem. On the contrary, the problem of flooding intensified and has caused water logging across the carriageway. According to the Mayor the absence of appropriate drain maintenance during the resurfacing project led to this problem. The Mayor will also request that Worcester County Council assesses the situation again. Derek Prodger of Worcester County Council is of the same opinion that the floods were not caused due to resurfacing project. The concerned officials will soon clear the area of the debris.

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Measures needed to prevent the need for constant drainage maintenance

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

Drainage maintenance has long been a problem for a lot of our homes. The need to save water and take adequate measures to avoid flooding needs to be implemented from time to time. Drainage maintenance can be easily followed if precautions are taken on a regular basis. One of the primary and most important factors to good drainage maintenance is checking for any leakage in the pipes. Pipes need to be checked as frequently as possible for leakages as this is the main and most central reason for bad drainage maintenance and thus causes flooding. Inspecting your homes daily and checking for any taps or pipes that are open or leaking can be really helpful and is recommended to lower drainage maintenance requirements. Another important thing that you should do in your homes is to check your refrigerator ice box and make sure the hose is attached properly. In cases where it is loose, it could cause it to overflow and leak regualrly without you noticing. Another important thing to check for are bathroom pipes, the shower, taps and also make sure your toilet flush is functioning well. Some of the toilet flushes that malfunction tend to continuously flow out water into sewages and thus is bad for drainage maintenance. Air conditioning units are another significant player when it comes to leaking and hence should be checked time and time again for leakages and thus will help better your drainage maintenance. If the matter worsens, call in for professional help to clear the drainage block.

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Blocked sewages causes problems to local residents in Dudley

Friday, November 27th, 2009

Residents living in Dudley tower blocks are worried about some recurring sewage problems. The residents from the Vicarage Prospect received a letter upon complaining to the council housing manager. The letter said that they need to put a plug in their empty bath to prevent the sewage smells from entering their homes. Gary Wells was one of the residents who noticed that something was wrong, as a noise kept coming from his bath. The waste continues to come up through the plug hole, which ultimately leaves a stain or mark in the bath and it also smells horrible. Mr. Wells said that very little has been done to resolve these problems which have been occurring for last six months. He also said that the residents have already reported to the council inspectors but they have not done anything about it. He then stated that people came but they said that they could do nothing about it. The council does not have any answers and he is not happy with the same. This is the wrong attitude for the council to have, as the sewage and air blows the plug out of the hole when it comes up. Lastly, the spokesperson of the council said that they have started their work in two homes and they have resolved problems with the smell. They will still continue to work with the residents on this issue.

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The different drain cleaning techniques

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

Blocked drains are a big nuisance and can be very hazardous for society and your health. As drainage pipes are generally situated underground, their cleanliness is taken for granted. Trees, branches, papers and rubbish can clog drains, making them useless. It is very important to maintain the drainage systems as they can lead to future problems. The CCTV survey is the best way to inspect the problem in your drainage pipes. After the inspection, the drain survey specialists will give you a detailed report on the problems and how they can solve them. The CCTV cameras help in locating the exact location of the clog with the help of a monitor. It is an easy and convenient method. The equipment used to clear the drains depends on the amount of blockage and the intensity of the problem. Here are the techniques used to clean drains. High pressure water jetting: This technique is used to remove all the waste materials stuck inside the drainage pipes. It helps in cleaning the pipes efficiently resulting in a free flow. Drain rodding: This drain cleaning process is done using steel rods. Steel rods help in flushing out the blockages from drainage pipes. Electro-mechanical cleaning: In this process, steel cables with blades are used to cut through the thick debris inside drainage pipes. This process is very effective as your pipes will be left clean and tidy. These techniques will help you solve all your drainage problems. However, it is important to regularly clean your drain pipes to avoid adverse problems.

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Flood damages disabled artist’s property

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

A recent flooding incident has caused grave discomfort to a disabled Caithness resident. Lydia Popowic, a disabled artist, suffered heavy damages to her property due to flooding. Lydia’s purpose-built village home was damaged by flooding for the second time in a period of three months. The floods have damaged her professional work as well. Lydia, who uses a wheelchair, was about to move back to her Lybster house. However, her home was damaged due to a combination of heavy downpour and a poor drainage system. Firefighters had to pump the two ft. deep floodwater from four homes in Caithness along with the gardens in the street. However, the flooding problem was aggravated further due to sewage problems. Lydia stayed in rented accommodation in the meantime. The second flooding incident damaged the entire property. The Highland Council is currently examining the faulty drainage system. Torrential rains have further elevated the problem. The lack of regular drain maintenance is being cited as one of the reasons for this drain related problem. The incident also harmed Lydia’s professional life with the flooding damaging her studio. Ms. Popowich describes the incident as the worst incident of her life.

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Drain maintenance work to take place at Chesham’s Market Square

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

Residents in Chesham are currently facing problems due to the drainage work in some parts of Chesham’s Market Square. Drainage maintenance is one of the major areas of concern for Chesham residents as such blocked drainages can lead to flooding. The Chesham Market Square has been closed to both traffic and pedestrians. Regular inspection carried out by the Chesham county officers revealed the deteriorating condition of the drain under the Market Square. Drain maintenance officials will examine the situation of the drain before progressing with further maintenance work. An assessment of the situation will determine the nature of work needed to fix the drain. The drain maintenance officials will guarantee public safety with the installation of temporary road barriers. The officials will ensure that the general traffic and commercial activities will not be affected by the ongoing drainage repair work. The use of barriers will make sure that passers-by and general traffic is not affected in any way. The drain maintenance officials will also ensure that the access to the surrounding shops is not affected. This means that the shops will remain open for customers as usual.

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Flooding caused problems to the local traders

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

During heavy rains recently, traders in New Haw, Surrey were trying to save their own businesses from flooding, as water levels rose dramatically at part of The Broadway River due to blocked drains creating a back up of waste water. Surrey County Council’s highways department visited the site, but one of the local business owners was able to shift part of the blockage himself, which was a result of a mass build up of autumnal leaves, which had not been swept away. Simon Hayes, the business owner in question said that, the water level was so high that it reached up to the foot of the door as council workers were putting barriers up to prevent the flow. Simon also added that, the flooding has affected their trade, as the whole surrounding area was affected by the excess water. Sarah Cooper, from Ramekins Ltd butchers notified the Highways department of the pending flooding who referred her back to the Council offices. Ms Cooper said that another concerned shopkeeper called them again, after which the Highways department came and closed the part of the road which was outside the shops. According to a spokesman from Surrey County Council, the maintenance is carried out once a year, but this flooding incident may prompt a more regular programme of checks for the drainage systems in their area.

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Residents refuse to pay £750 in charges to local council

Monday, November 9th, 2009

A group of residents who live on Alderney Road in Slade Green have refused to pay Bexley Council after it charged them £750 to clear a blocked drain. Each of the residents has received a bill of £3.16 for clearing the drain and £25 as administration charge. Now, the residents are arguing that they will not pay the administration charge to the council until they give them a proper explanation. In August, the sewage began to get blocked and on the 19th of that month one of the residents arranged to clear the drain. A worker from the council came and then decided to invoke the Environmental Powers Act 1990 for clearing the drain because the sewage was dangerous to public health. The council circulated the notice to the local residents saying that, if no action was taken by noon of the 20th of August then they would take action to clear the drainage system through a drain maintenance company. Dee Deering, one of the affected residents said that she did not receive any notice till 11am of that day and most of them were working. She further said that they had no chance to explain that someone would be coming from their side to clear the blockage. A spokesperson for the council said that they were not aware the residents had made some kind of arrangement to clear the blockage. They are charging the minimum and no concessions will be granted to the residents.

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Gloucester City Council to fix clogged drains

Friday, November 6th, 2009

Good news is in store for the residents of Gloucester with the onset of drainage work around Gloucester Park. The drainage work will encompass repairs of a damaged drain which goes from the park into Sud Brook. The repair work will begin in November. The residents of Gloucester had faced severe flooding in 2007. The water was not restricted within the brook’s basin, which eventually increased the flooding. Around 100 homes on Weston Road, St Paul's Road and Stroud Road were caught in the flooding. Nicola Lynas - one of the flood victims – sad fun fair officials had filled wet patches with sand and this had blocked the drains. This forced the water into the stream and from there, it entered residents’ homes, filling them with around six inches of water. The drains at Gloucester are covered with plants and other waste, which has resulted in blockage. The drain maintenance work is being carried out by Gloucester City Council and the entire project will take around two weeks. This particular drainage maintenance project is a part of the council’s current flood alleviation programme.

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CCTV drain surveys and their benefits

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

It is very important to maintain clean and hygienic drainage systems. Clean drainage systems mean a clean and healthy society. However, nowadays, there are a lot of complaints about blocked drainage pipes. Drainage pipes need to be inspected regularly in order to maintain them. Faulty drainage pipes can be hazardous to your health. Hence, drain surveys should be made when a problem is found. The CCTV drain survey is now a widely accepted method of survey that produces brilliant results. A CCTV drain survey is an excellent tool for inspecting the condition of drainage systems. It helps in finding the exact location of the blockage. Generally, blockages in drains are caused by broken pipes, roots and waste debris. The CCTV drain survey is an efficient method for maintaining drain and sewerage pipes. This service reduces the time and cost required for repairing the drains as it helps in locating the areas affected. This reduces the time consuming efforts of drain cleaners to locate the obstruction. The CCTV drain survey is an efficient method carried out in homes too. If you face the problem of blocked pipes, contact a CCTV drain survey professional today.

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