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Why drain jetting should only be undertaken by professionals

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

Almost every day there are people in both commercial and domestic places that have to face blocked drains. While some of the drainage problems are small and can be handled by just about anybody, there are some huge drainage problems which affect a large number of people at any one time. This kind of drainage problem is mostly caused due to severe blockages and sometimes results in flooding. This kind of a problem usually involves debris stuck in some part of a drain or pipeline that cannot be seen or easily accessed. In such cases, the only alternative is to hire a drain jetting company. These services use drain jetters, a special kind of drain maintenance equipment, that lets out water at very high pressure. This high pressured water helps to flush out the objects that are causing the blockage. Due to this, the drainage system is freed from the blockage and water flows through it freely again. Although drain jetting services sound like something that can be done with any hosepipe, it is important that this kind of drain treatment is not undertaken by inexperienced people. Doing this without a professional company can result in more damage and flooding. This makes it necessary to hire a certified drain jetting company to solve this kind of problem. Professional drain jetting companies have the required equipment and experts who can clear drain blockages in no time at all and for a very reasonable price.

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Scottish Water posts video on YouTube to solve drain problems

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

In its attempt to solve sewer blockage problems, Scottish Water has posted a video on the internet which has been taken from inside drain pipes. The video, which has been posted on YouTube, shows congealed cooking fats lining the insides of the pipes. Scottish Water said that oils and fats poured down drains were the main cause for the 3,500 drain blockages the drain maintenance staff had to attend to in the north every year. Scottish Water hopes to demonstrate the damage being done by the public, through this video. A spokesman from the agency said that this was the latest method to prevent people from discarding used cooking grease into drains and plugholes illegally. Engineers frustrated with the frequency of drain blockages which caused sewers to affect the environment were the ones to record the revolting images with the help of a remotely operated camera. The agency also said that chunks of fat – the size of footballs – had also affected Thurso’s water pumps. A clog in Nairn resulted in sewage spilling out into the River Nairn which flows towards beaches in the town. The agency’s Community Manager for the Highlands, Joanna Peebles said that staff believed that congealed fat was responsible for blockages 90 percent of the time. She added that Scottish Water was doing as much as it could to control the situation, however, help from food establishments and the general public would definitely be appreciated.

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Leyland road was a victim of sewage flood

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

One can only imagine the scene that was created on one of Leyland’s streets when raw sewage flooded it. The scene was so bad that council officials had to close a few lanes as the levels of sewage rose more than a foot high. The reason for this flowing sewage was a blocked drain. All those parents who came to drop off their kids to St. James School in Leyland had to walk through the stench. There were a few who had to return back as the problem got too bad. One of the residents of the area, Val Watson, said that the entire lane looked like a lake. She witnessed the incident when she was driving back from the garden centre and assumed it was a water pipe that had burst. When she noticed police officers arrive, she realised the seriousness of the issue. Serious health concerns began to arise as the level of sewage began to creep up. Cars had to drive through the flood and pedestrians and cyclists had to take diversions. A United Utilities spokesperson was on the site the next day along with others. They made arrangements and got the work done. They confirmed that the blockage had been taken care of and apologised for all the inconvenience that the people had to go through.

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Stinking sewage upsets Gourock residents

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

A manhole on Kempock Street in Gourock was leaking continuously, causing a great deal of upset for local residents. The sewage was flowing all over the place and locals had to complain to put a stop to this major problem. Kempock Bar was surrounded by a pool of waste including toilet paper. Alec Kane who works in the bar said that the stench created by the sewage has affected business to a great extent. He went on to say that people walked out of the pub because of it. He continued by saying that the owner of the bar, James Robertson, has reported the issue to Scottish Water, but it has been almost two months and the issue has not been made better. Secretary of the Gourock Community Council, Stuart Hunter, said that it is totally unacceptable to walk on the street and have to risk having waste splashing all over you. Hamish Ramsay who lives on Larkfield Road said that this leakage problem has been ongoing for months. The waste water keeps rising up and down the street. A spokesperson for Scottish Water said that they will be calling CCTV survey specialists to check if there is a blockage. He apologised for the incident and said that they will do their level best to get the place back to normal.

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St Albans footballer suffers injury due to broken drain

Saturday, October 24th, 2009

Katie Clarke, a footballer, suffered severe physical injuries after her leg got stuck in a water drain. The incident occurred on Sunday evening when Katie was returning home in the dark. Katie’s right leg got stuck in a half-broken drain. Her leg slipped inside all the way to the groin. Luckily for her, she was traveling along with her friend. Katie is certain that she would not have been able to get out without her friend’s help and support. Katie, who plays as a forward for St Albans City Ladies FC suffered a setback due to the injury to her right leg in the form of bruises and bleeding. The particular damaged drain cover is situated outside Cyril Dumpleton House, which is an elderly home. Katie’s boyfriend reported the incident to the concerned drainage maintenance officials. However, the drains were not fixed until Tuesday. The drainage cover was fitted on Tuesday morning at 8am. The concerned officials from Herts Highways have assured that such incidents will not occur in the future. According to a spokesperson from Hertfordshire Highways, the drain cover was repaired at 8am on Tuesday. However, the entire drain cover fitting will be replaced within the next 28 days.

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Blocked drains can cause health hazards

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Drainage and sewer systems are what ensure that you have a clean, healthy and dry building environment to work and live in. Generally, as drains pipes are not visible and work efficiently, many people take them for granted. Also, most property owners only pay attention to drains when they get blocked and clogged. Ideally, it is very important for every property owner to know what causes blockages in the pipes and drainage systems. Moreover, they should also be aware of what is to be done in case anything worse happens. Then, you can know when to make use of drain maintenance services. One of the best ways of dealing with drain problems is to initially prevent them from happening. The build-up of commercial and domestic waste is one of the major reasons that cause drain blockages. The possibilities of drain blockages can be minimised by placing strainers into the plugholes for catching food waste, hairs and pieces of broken soap as well as by avoiding using toilets as waste bins. All drains, whether commercial or domestic, unavoidably suffer from same blockage problems in their lifespan. The build-ups of litter, leaves and grease inside the drain pipes are major factors that cause the drain blockages. If these deposits are left to build up over a period of time, they not only reduce the efficiently of drains but also cause drain blockages. More than causing inconvenience, drain blockages can also cause safety and health issues. So, if you want to maintain a good and healthy living environment in your surrounding, it is important to make sure that your drains work effectively and efficiently.

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Drain cleaning services that constitute a historic piece of London

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

The drainage system in London is one of the oldest in the world. Many say that it was constructed during the reign of King Henry VIII. This drainage system is very complicated and it is also fragile, since time has taken its toll on it. This is the reason you should call for professional help if you are suffering from drain related problems, instead of trying to take care of it yourself. The need to call drain cleaning companies You might end up causing more harm than good in such a situation. Added to this, you do not have any knowledge or experience with handling drain blockages. You also do not have the proper tools and equipment to take care of such situations. These drain cleaning companies have all the knowledge, experience and equipment necessary to handle such a situation. They also perform their services at a nominal price. This is the best way for you to take care of these problems. They provide services such as drain cleaning, drain jetting, drain repairs, drain maintenance, CCTV surveys, etc. You can go for any one of these services. The equipment used by drain cleaning companies They use equipment such as drain jets. These jets spray out water in high intensity and force. These water jets can cut through thick debris stuck on the side of the drain pipes.

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Important points to remember about drain maintenance

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

There are many things we need to look out for in order to avoid flooding and allow for better drain maintenance. Checking for taps and pipes leaking inside your home and also outside is the most basic place to start. The bathroom pipes should be periodically checked for any discoloration or mould which may end up causing them to leak. Allowing your toilet to get clogged with excessive tissue paper is something to watch out for. This tends to cause a lot of problems and could cause overflowing of the drains. Make sure your drainage system flows well and avoid any kind of blockage. If the worst does come to the worst and you find that you are suffering some kind of blockage, or worse, flooding, then the best thing to do is to get in touch with drain cleaning specialists, who will be able to locate the source of the problem and address it.

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Various drain cleaning methods used by professionals in London

Friday, October 16th, 2009

Drainage systems are of concern for all cities and villages around the world. It is really important to have a functioning drainage system in order avoid blockages and debris. London drainage companies use a technique called jetting which manages to clear blockages located in remote places much more easily. It breaks down the debris and lessens the chances of blockage. If roots are causing a blockage, they will use a water propelled rotary root cutter which is used to gradually trim back the cause of the problem and thus bring the drain back to working condition. Another technique used is surface cleaning. Surface cleaning allows for water to be sent at 3,000 psi through a lancing gun, driven by a high pressure jetting machine, which can get rid off immovable blemishes such as debris, paint, mud and other silted slabs. It is a far better and cheaper option than having surfaces replaced. Professionals avoid the use of chemicals to counter drainage problems; instead they maintain the drainage system by checking it on a regular basis and using the techniques above. Professional drain cleaning companies also use electro-mechanical de-scaling equipment. This involves a rotating drum which is filled with a solid inner core cable. This cable has a balanced cutting head attached, proportionate to the size of the pipe that needs cleaning. This cable scrapes the pipe, removing the deposits and thus clears any sort of blockage.

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Residents of Hayle relieved by plans for regular drain maintenance

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Julia Goldsworthy, an MP from Falmouth and Camborne, has verbally abetted and welcomed the action that is being taken by Cornwall Council for drain maintenance in Hayle. Due to the flooding in the center of Hayle, Goldsworthy wrote a letter to the council after attending a residents meeting in August which discussed the issue of flooding and drain maintenance. The residents of Hayle stated their concerns about constant flooding that took place outside Atlantic Motors in Hayle. They have cause to believe that this flood is owing to blockages in the underground drainage system and lack of drain maintenance. However, home drain maintenance should also be the responsibility of residents living in the area. Cornwall Council announced this week that a comprehensive regime of drain maintenance would begin and that they have effectively carried out drain cleaning. In addition to cleaning the drains, drain maintenance would be made a priority every six months. The Camborne and Falmouth MP said that Hayle had constant problems with flooding and expressed her delight by saying that it was great to see progress on this front. She also expressed her hope for Hayle saying that she expected the actions taken by the council to be sufficient.

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