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Saxton residents fearing a repeat of 2007

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

Blocked pipes and faulty drainage systems were one of the major reasons as to why The North Yorkshire village suffered from floods in 2007. The residents of Saxton do not want a reminder of 2007 and are waiting eagerly for funds to repair the drains. Saxton residents are confident that the drain repairs will prevent an onset of floods this time around. The proposed project pertaining to drain repairs will provide an alternate route to the overflowing water. It would instead benefit the residents of Tadcaster. The concerned residents have appealed to the city council to pass the £60,000 project. The residents are hoping that other agencies including the parish council will contribute to the outstanding amount of £5,000 for completion of the project. Saxton has been a regular victim of floods due to the defective drainage system, which further aggravates the problem. This is the main reason why Saxton residents want to provide an alternate route to the overflowing water. The water will then percolate into an open ditch. This restructuring of the drains will certainly help in preventing any damage to life and property. Earlier in 2007, Saxton had faced heavy flooding, which propelled individuals to vacate their homes. Several automobile drivers also abandoned their vehicles and waded through the deep water. The residents are, thus hoping for a clearance for the drain maintenance proposal.

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Play stops owing to the need for a competent drain maintenance system

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

Failsworth Macedonia Cricket Club’s future seems rather bleak owing to the fact that severe flooding has overburdened the drainage system at its Argyll Park ground and it is in dire need of some drain maintenance. The club, which is now a decade old, is owned by the Macedonia Reformed Church and relies on fundraisers and monetary grants. The club officials have stated that unless they can fix their drain maintenance problems, the club will be expelled from the North Manchester League. This is not to say that the club did not do enough to prevent such a situation. It asked Voluntary Action Oldham to come to its financial aid but was turned down. It is now only a matter of time for the Failsworth Macedonia club. The club will be fighting a tooth and nail battle in order to survive. The secretary, Chris McHugh, said that several of the wettest summers in a row has apparently led their ground to this state and consequently, their drainage systems are in need of maintenance. He also stated that without competent drain maintenance in place, the club will have dire problems.

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Drain cleaning services that help maintain London’s hygiene

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

Many of us do not pay much attention to the drainage pipes that pass under our feet. The London drainage system has been under our feet for years, yet we fail to recognise its significance. It has survived through the years and still functions really well today. The common problems that this drainage system suffers The London drainage systems suffer from various problems from time to time. It may get clogged due to debris getting lodged. This, as a result, causes a lot of problems for people in that area. This problem can be very unhygienic if it is not taken care of immediately. The best way to deal with such problems is to call a drain cleaning and repairs company. These companies provide services such as drain cleaning, jetting, repairs, maintenance and CCTV surveys. These services help you to take care of any problem regarding the drain system in London. They have highly trained professionals and staff that know how to solve such problems. The equipment used by these professionals They use modern tools and equipment that can take care of a problem in no time. They use equipment such as high powered water jets to break down the debris which will allow the sewage water to pass through. Hence, you can be sure that they will take care of a drainage problem and maintain London’s level of hygiene.

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Untreated sewage found in the sea off Torbay

Monday, September 21st, 2009

Recent forensic findings have led to the detection of human sewage in the sea water of Torbay. The study was conducted by the Environment agency. The study was conducted to find out the root cause of pollution in sea around Britain. It is a grave matter considering the damage it might cause to the natural environment. DNA investigation was carried out of Torre Abbey Sand’s sea water. The level of pollution tends to increase post heavy showers. The recent evidence of sewage residue has been a major area of concern for the concerned officials. The European commission is particularly unhappy because of the sewage disposal system currently in place. Some sewage is even untreated and might pose a severe threat to marine life. The officials from the European Commission have expressed their displeasure pertaining to Britain’s inability to meet with the EU guidelines. The concerned officials at Torbay have agreed to set up an effective sewage treatment system. Earlier, safety warnings were provided to prohibit swimmers from bathing in the waters of Torbay. Torbay officials also regularly announce safety warnings to the people of Torbay, particularly after the rains.

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Exmouth residents unhappy with drainage system

Saturday, September 19th, 2009

Residents of Exmouth have expressed their anger at the continual problem of blocked drains in their locality. Many people are upset regarding the absence of a proper drainage maintenance system. This has been the key reason for the blockage of drains. The residents fear a certain flood if the drains are not fixed in time. Proper drain maintenance prevents the chances of flooding. The drains are further blocked due to the disposal of unwanted household articles. This prevents the water from flowing properly. The same blockage problem persists in New Street. The local residents are unhappy with the way the concerned authorities are dealing with the problem. The people of Exmouth are certainly frustrated and are planning to set up a meeting to deal with the drainage problem. The problem will only be aggravated after the winter rains, which will further add to their woes. The concerned officials have assured the citizens that they will assess the complete situation. Problems (if any) will be dealt via their sewer cleansing programme. An official from the Devon County council said that pouring rain might cause flooding on a short-term level in some of the areas. This sort of flooding is inevitable and is caused by over exceeding the limit of the drainage system. Exmouth residents are thus looking for a solution to their drainage-related problems.

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Redditch residents to increase vigilance concerning blocked drains and pipes

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

Redditch residents are worried due to recent drainage problems. The drainage problems and lack of drainage maintenance has led to unnecessary floods in the past. With this in mind, the Redditch residents have been requested to communicate necessary information about blocked drains or pipes. This move has been implemented to comply with the Governments’ recommendations post the flooding of 2007. Drain maintenance is given more importance in Redditch to prevent any disasters caused by flooding. This is the main reason as to why Redditch did not experience severe floods recently. The concerned officials are in fact taking each and every step to prevent the onset of floods. Operations Manager, Clive Wilson feels that the residents have an important role to perform in the prevention of floods. By reporting the damage to any pipes or blockages of any kind the concerned authorities will then come up with the necessary steps to solve the problem. The council has set up a contact centre so the residents can call and report any drain related problem. Brandon Clayton, the local Councillor feels that residents and officials need to work in tandem to prevent flood-related problems.

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