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Professional drainage cleaning services are fast efficient and cost effective

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

A highly populated city like London is bound to face difficulties with regards to drainage and sanitation. One of the most common problems faced by authorities and officials is the issue of blocked drains. The high and unmonitored use of urinals and washrooms are a major factor and such use is highly unhygienic and conducive for disease spreading germs. Therefore, professional drainage cleaning services are required. Most drains, be it in residential or commercial areas get blocked because of heavy and unmonitored usage. Some of the commonplace items that constitute blockages include lime scale, work stationery, cigarettes and paper etc. Thus, for urinals to work efficiently it is imperative to call upon professional drainage cleaners to do the job right. You can be rest assured that the professional drainage service will do the task efficiently and fast. Moreover, the entire drainage process is carefully conducted so as to not disturb or cause inconvenience to people living nearby. Once the experts are brought in there is no sign of clogged drains or wastage. A large number of companies today have employed professional drainage cleaning services to help them keep the waste in check. Professional drainage services are effective and fast. Now, even theatres and residential apartments are choosing professional drainage cleaning companies. Therefore, in order to keep your residential or commercial environment germ and disease free it is imperative to call upon professional drainage cleaning services to do the job for you.

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Fast, Effective Drain Lining Though Out London/Essex

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

after-lining-re-instatementstack-liningNeed Drain Lining? After recentlt being called in by a North London accountancy firm, we were asked to investigate a re-occuring damp patch at the base of a soil stack to the side of their building. London Drainage Facilities first carried out CCTV survey which revealed a broken bend to the base of the leaking stack. Excavtion would have proved to costly and disruptive so we were instructed to carry out a small epoxy lining repair to seal and strengthen the fault. A section of stack was cut away to allow suitable access, then a piece of flexible liner was installed downstream beyond the previosly noted defect. The liner was inflated using pressurised air which allows maximum cohesion to pipe host pipe. Upon completion, new Timesaver couplings were used to re-instate pipe work which was cut away, and site was left clear and clean. A full water test was then carried out which showed no further defects. In this instance the full lining repair cost just £350+vat, whereas an excavtion would have cost closer to £1000+vat, and taken two-three days to complete. Lining is a far more cost effective and simple solution than old fashion digging, hence the reason insurance companies and alike all opt for lining if the option is available. Should you have any further questions or would like to discuss, please feel free to call at any time during office hours CONTACT.

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CCTV surveys can help a great deal with drain management

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

Drains in big cities like London have a much higher chance of getting blocked when compared to other cities. Drains can get clogged due a number of reasons. A root of a tree might block a drain, debris fallen into the drain due to construction work can also sometimes block a drain. Moreover, drains like any other civic amenity can wear out with the passage of time. Therefore, one of the first steps before cleaning a blocked drain is to identify the cause of the blockage. It has been noticed that on a lot of occasions, people use harmful chemicals to clean drains that have been blocked. These chemicals are known to damage the drains more than they clean them. One of the best ways to find out the cause of a blocked drain is to have a look at it. Since it can be very difficult to physically enter drains and find the problem, hiring a professional drain management company can solve your problems. Professional drain management companies based in London use the benefits of CCTV. CCTV can help to look at the insides of a drain and can be quite useful in finding the root cause of the blockage. A CCTV survey is conducted by attaching a small camera on the head of a long flexible rod which is then introduced into the drain. This provides in-depth information about the clogged drain and enables the professional drain cleaning company to take the necessary measures to clean it.

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Get your drains inspected regularly

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

Clogged drains can happen to any building, which is not at all fun. If the drain gets blocked completely, the shower, sink, toilet or bathtub can be affected. If such a thing happens, there is a need to clear these drains as soon as possible. It is always advised to get drain maintenance done from professional services. How do the drains get clogged? Kitchen sink drain blocks can happen if you do not use the drain strainer for catching food particles from falling into the drain pipes. As a matter of fact, the build-up of such particles can easily clog the drains. Cooking grease or oil that gets build up in the pipes can also cause clogging. The flushing of excessive toilet paper down the toilet can also result in drain clogs. Moreover, flushing items that are not intended for toilets can also cause clogged toilet drains. Bathroom sinks, bathtubs and showers can also get clogged if hair gets caught in the pipes. Items such as soap, toothpaste, shampoo, hair gel can create a build up that can further add to the blockage. Clogged drains can cause a number of problems and so it is essential to get the drains checked and cleared from time to time with the help of professional drain cleaning.

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