General Information

London’s magnificent sewer systems

Drainage problems in London are not an uncommon occurrence. The increasing population causes extra strain on the city’s already over worked sewage system, which was only built to deal with half of the waste matter it currently sees. London’s Victorian sewer network is an unseen masterpiece. Built when people took pride in the work they […]

What happens at a sewage treatment centre?

Sewage treatment centres are dotted up and down the country. Without them, our way of life would be drastically different and the hygiene levels we have all become accustom to would deteriorate. But what happens at a sewage treatment centre? At a sewage treatment centre the effluent goes through the following processes: • Large objects […]

What is root intrusion and how can the problem be repaired?

Modern technology has meant that we can now see deep into drainage systems to locate problems and resolve them. The inherent problem with drainage systems is that they are located deep underground and so access can sometimes be prohibitive. In the past, if a blocked drain was suspected, the drainage system had to be completely […]

Why is drain cleaning important?

Drains keep society running smoothly by clearing out drain water from homes, offices, restaurants and other buildings. It also helps effectively dispose of sanitary waste. Buildings have one thing in common: sewers, drains and pipe lines. Unfortunately, many homeowners and businesses ignore the vital role of drains and have forgotten how essential frequent drain maintenance […]

The different drain cleaning techniques

Blocked drains are a big nuisance and can be very hazardous for society and your health. As drainage pipes are generally situated underground, their cleanliness is taken for granted. Trees, branches, papers and rubbish can clog drains, making them useless. It is very important to maintain the drainage systems as they can lead to future […]

Drain cleaning services that help maintain London’s hygiene

Many of us do not pay much attention to the drainage pipes that pass under our feet. The London drainage system has been under our feet for years, yet we fail to recognise its significance. It has survived through the years and still functions really well today. The common problems that this drainage system suffers […]
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