General Information

LDF to continue servicing the capital’s drains throughout the festive period

The team at London Drainage Facilities will be on call throughout the holidays to handle blocked drains and continue offering all manner of drainage services to businesses and homeowners throughout London. The team at London Drainage Facilities (LDF) loves the holidays as much as the rest of the UK, but time waits for no-one when it comes to unblocking and servicing drainage systems. With this in mind, LDF have announced that LDF technicians will be on call 24/7 across Christmas and the New Year to attend to any unforeseen drainage problems in the city.

What can a drainage company do for you?

If you are a homeowner, you’ll be familiar with drainage problems, from simple sink blockages where the water doesn’t drain away due to foodstuffs blocking the plughole, to toilet blockages where the water in the pan isn’t taken away when you flush the chain. In most of these situations the homeowner themselves can usually remedy […]

What is the difference between a drain, a lateral drain and a sewer?

The drainage that leaves your property can have different names depending where in the drainage system the pipes sit. Some people occasionally get these terms confused and use them interchangeably. Drain ownership responsibility changed on the first of October last year. Here are a few of the common terms used with explanations: A drain explained […]

Drain ownership explained

Since the beginning of October 2011 government enforced changes to the ownership of drains has left many homeowners confused as to who is responsible should they have a drainage problem. It used to be the case that the homeowners themselves were responsible for all the waste water drainage which left their property until it reached […]

Heavy rainfall in London causes sewer problems

Heavy rainfall in the city of London can cause many problems for the decades old sewer system. When rainfall levels are higher than normal the Victorian sewer system cannot cope with the amount of waste water that needs to be sent to the local treatment works, so instead it flows though emergency overflows into the […]

Drainage problems caused by snow and ice

Winter time can cause many problems as far as drainage is concerned. Freezing weather conditions mainly cause problems to water supply pipes, but the cold can cause drainage problems too. The UK has seen freezing weather conditions over the last couple of years, which has left her country covered by a blanket of show and […]

The drawback of the Sunday roast

As the nights are drawing in, we are all leaving the salads behind and indulging in some autumnal comfort eating. Everyone loves a roast, but does everyone appreciate the damage to the drains caused by improper disposal of the roast’s fat? There are many potential causes of damage to your drainage system – defective pipework, […]

Thames Tunnel consultation second phase

The Thames Tunnel is Thames Water’s most ambitious project yet. The Tunnel, when complete, will make sewage discharges in the River Thames a thing of the past. Currently when as little as 2mm of rain falls on the capital, the Victorian sewers, which carry sewage and rainwater, cannot cope. To stop the system overflowing into […]
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