What happens to sewage at you local sewage treatment works?

Many people don’t give a second thought to the sewage which leaves their homes, but the process of transporting it to sewage works and treating it is quite complex. All the sewage or waste water which leaves your home needs to be treated before it is put safely back into rivers. This waste travels via […]

Drainage Problems – Pipe Liner Repair

Drainage engineers have to face a host of problems on a daily basis as part of their everyday jobs. And like all jobs some days things go according to plan and some days things become slightly more complicated. The majority of drainage jobs a drainage engineer may visit will simply be caused by debris blocking […]

The bane of the drainage expert – household fat

Drainage experts have to deal with all types of drain blockages on a daily basis, but perhaps the most frustrating blockages, and the ones which could easily be avoided, are caused by household fat. Waste water companies spend tens of thousands of pounds every year trying to educate the general public regarding what can and […]

Removing scale from pipes in London

If you live in London one of the regular drainage problems you’ll encounter concerns scale. Scale is usually found in hard water areas and is a deposit which lines the inside of the drainage pipes reducing the pipes’ diameter. Scale can also create rough surfaces within a drainage pipe where solid matter can get stuck […]

Joseph Bazalgette – A history of London’s drainage

Many people will instantly recognise the names Brunel, Stephenson and Telford, as engineers who helped change the face of the English landscape. However, there is one engineer to which Britain, and London, owes a wealth of gratitude and whose name is rarely uttered, except by those in the know. Joseph Bazalgette was born in London […]
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