Drainage news

Uffington reed bed filter system

Oxfordshire residents are already seeing the difference in the River Ock at Uffington after a recent sewage works upgrade. The work at the Uffington sewage works was completed last year and has seen the installation of a new reed bed system which filters waste water before it is allowed to enter the River Ock. The […]

Heavy rainfall affects Thames Water’s response times

The recent heavy rainfall has left much of the UK sodden, with gardens turned into ponds and roads awash with rainwater which cannot be taken away by the overflowing drainage system. The rainfall levels are markedly higher at this time of year than at any point in recent history which has left many London drainage […]

Bookham residents unhappy at sewer flooding

Residents in Bookham have had to suffer “disgusting” sewer problems through the Christmas period when a drain collapse sent sewage flowing down a local road. Sewers under Water Lane in Bookham suffered a blockage problem during the heavy rainfall the week before Christmas which totally blocked the flow of sewage through the drain. Thames Water […]

Environment Agency finds pollution in stream in Little Marlow

The Environment Agency and Thames Water are investigating after local residents discovered a host of dead animals next to a stream in Little Marlow. Swan, ducks and fish have all reportedly succumbed to the pollution in the stream with other dead birds also spotted floating on the surface of the water. Dog owners have also […]

Wilmington residents await sewer repairs

Homeowners in Wilmington have criticised Thames Water after they were forced to wait over 80 days for a collapsed sewer to be repaired. The sewer collapse happened in early September but because repairs need to take place on a busy section of road Thames Water had to delay the repair. Residents have complained of things […]

Drainage problems again in Hendon

A drain that has been causing problems for five years has finally been fixed by Thames Water. The drain, which is located under a busy high street in Hendon regularly sent sewer water flooding down the road at times of heavy rainfall. Although there have been numerous investigations into why the sewer flooding has happened […]

Oxford residents complain of sewer flooding

Residents in Oxford have criticised Thames Water after their road was blighted by sewer flooding after the recent spate of wet weather. Residents in around 20 homes in South Hinksey, Earl Street and Western Road saw sewer flooding last week due to the heavy rainfall. They claim that Thames Water is not doing enough to […]

“Stop using wipes” says Thames Water

Waste water companies are trying to educate the general public about ‘what to flush’ after the incidence of non-flushable items found in their drainage systems continues to rise year-on-year. Over the last couple of years there has been a trend for the general public to use supposedly flushable wipes as well as standard toilet tissue. […]

Waste water found in Edmonton lake

London drainage company Thames Water has made a public apology after sewage was allowed to seep into a lake in Edmonton. The incident occurred on Friday the 16th November and was discovered by passers-by who reeled at the foul stench coming from the water’s surface. Thames Water and the Environment Agency investigated the leak and […]
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