Drainage news

Chertsey sewer scheme underway

A new Thames Water scheme to upgrade the sewer network in Chertsey has just got underway. The London drainage company will replace around 1.7km of sewer over the next seven months with pipes being increased in size to the new 300mmm standard. The project, which is costing £1.6m, will reduce the risk of flooding at […]

Sewage discharged into the River Chess

Thames Water has had to explain why sewage was pumped into the River Chess. The River Chess Association (RCA) wanted an explanation from Thames Water after sewage was allowed to enter the river from Chesham Sewage Treatment Works at the end of January. This was allowed to happen even though the sewage works have seen […]

River Kennet at risk of sewage contamination

Residents have become concerned by sewage leaking into the River Kennet. Due to the high rainfall levels over recent months the water table in East Kennet has risen to a level which is causing manhole covers to be pushed up. The result of this is that sewage is finding its way into the river. The […]

Unprecedented water levels keep Thames Waters’ tankers busy

Thames Water has said that it has spent over £4.5m this winter pumping out sewers to stop them overflowing after the region was saturated by unprecedented rainfall. The London drainage company said that they were left with no choice but to pump sewage away from some locations after the water table level rose to record […]

Residents concerned by Chilton sewage flooding

Recent heavy rainfall in the village of Chilton has led to some residents fearing that they will once again face the problem of raw sewage contaminating local roads. Residents say there has been repeated contamination of The Lane over recent months with heavy rain exacerbating the problem. One of the residents, Fred Dumbleton, spoke in […]

Work nearly finished at Crawley Sewage Treatment Works

A Thames Water upgrade of the Crawley sewage treatment works is just about complete says the London drainage firm. The works at Radford Road, adjacent to Gatwick, should be finished in the next month or so. The £28m investment in the sewage works began in Feb 2010 and has been designed to protect rivers around […]

Borehamwood residents suffer sewer misery

Residents want Thames Water to compensate them after sewage flowed into their gardens three times over the last month. Families in Borehamwood awoke last week to find their gardens were covered with sewer detritus including human excrement, toilet paper and tampons. It was the second time the sewer had flooded in the same week. They […]

Hambledon residents cope with sewer flooding

Residents in the small village of Hambleden were left with flooded bathrooms and no toilet facilities after the sewer system in their village struggled to cope with the amount of rainfall over the Christmas and New Year period. Toilets in homes across the village were blocked and residents had to use public showering and bathing […]

Aldbourne residents in shock following sewage leak

Residents in Aldbourne have spoken of their disgust at raw sewage flowing through their village. Thames Water has been contacted regarding the problem and has initially said that their sewer system in some regional areas was unable to cope with the amount of rainwater expected to be taken away by the drains. An Aldbourne resident […]

Regional sewer problems after Christmas

Waste water companies across the country are highlighting the problems faced by fat blocking homeowner’s drains. Pictures released by Thames Water, Yorkshire Water and Scottish Water all show what happens when homeowners unthinkingly pour waste fat down the drain – to devastating effects. Most sewers that are filled with fat eventually block completely, which occasionally […]
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