Drain Maintenance

Professional maintenance can stop drain blockages

The drainage system in London is being put under increasing pressure as the population continues to rise. It is therefore essential to opt for a drain cleaning service in London so that you can be sure that your drains will work trouble-free and you won’t have to suffer the inconvenience of a blockage. Drainage can […]

Checking for drainage leaks – part 2

In part one of this article we discussed the problems associated with leaks around the home and how you should check potential leak sites on a regular basis. Waste water connections should always be checked alongside general water connections. If a waste water pipe were to fail, a usual problem alongside the water is the […]

Choosing the right drain maintenance programme

Companies across the UK have to make provision for the problems that blocked drains can put on their daily business operations. Areas contaminated with waste water can leave businesses with serious health issues, which will have to be resolved before employees are allowed to re-enter the contaminated area. Drain maintenance companies offer service contracts so […]

Drain maintenance for commercial establishments

Every commercial establishment should have a drain maintenance contract in place with a reliable drainage company. Failure to maintain drains can result in expensive complications when a drain is damaged beyond repair and requires excavation. Just a few years ago any drain which was broken, cracked, warped or deviated would require excavation of the pipe […]
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