Drain Excavation/Repair London

Hydraulic drain access cover lifting

Drain maintenance companies don’t just offer drain cleaning solutions. They can also offer services such as CCTV surveys and a full maintenance schedule for your drainage system. Some also offer solutions to problems such as drain chamber cover removal and replacement. What is a chamber cover and why does it seize? A drain chamber cover […]

Keep drainage systems in the best condition possible with drain repair companies

If you visit a big city, such as London, you will find that tall contemporarily styled buildings are extremely prominent. Whilst these buildings may look strong and durable, over time they will require repair. This is particularly true when it comes to the drainage systems in the building. Constant use of drains eventually results in […]

St Albans footballer suffers injury due to broken drain

Katie Clarke, a footballer, suffered severe physical injuries after her leg got stuck in a water drain. The incident occurred on Sunday evening when Katie was returning home in the dark. Katie’s right leg got stuck in a half-broken drain. Her leg slipped inside all the way to the groin. Luckily for her, she was […]

New Rain Water Drain Installation.

    During Intsallation                                        Completion Of Installation: The above photo’s show a typical rain water drainage installation which was carried out at a domestic residence in South West London during December 07. The customer was suffering damp to the front ground level bay window which was caused by water sitting within an area where no drainage […]

Drain Excavation/Repairs London

  During works:                                                                    After works: After recently attending an emergency call from a central London School, our engineers were quick to diagnose the cause of the blockage as broken section of pipe work which had begun to colapse. Unfortunatley the location of the broken drain was beyond a foundation wall in the caretakers office. We […]
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