Drain Excavation/Repair London

The Difference Between a Blocked and a Damaged Drain

Homeowners don’t tend to think about their drainage system and pipe network until something goes wrong. We are all so used to plugholes, flushing toilets, and running water that the concept of the drainage system which lies below the foundation of our property feels alien and completely unknown. That is, until something goes wrong and […]

How local contractors London Drainage Facilities can help keep your home running this Christmas

There’s nothing worse than realising that something’s wrong in your home, especially just as Christmas guests are about to arrive. With so much to think about over the festive period, from serving enough food to navigating the jumble of gifts, games, and everyone’s favourite TV Christmas specials, inadequate plumbing is the last thing you want […]

Detained plans of London’s super sewer released

We brought you news earlier in the week of the plans to build a new ‘super sewer’ in London to stop excess rainfall discharge pollution entering the River Thames. Well now more detailed plans have been revealed as part of a public consultation that is expected to last another 13 weeks. The ‘super sewer’ will […]
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