CCTV Surveys and Inspection

CCTV drain surveys and their benefits

It is very important to maintain clean and hygienic drainage systems. Clean drainage systems mean a clean and healthy society. However, nowadays, there are a lot of complaints about blocked drainage pipes. Drainage pipes need to be inspected regularly in order to maintain them. Faulty drainage pipes can be hazardous to your health. Hence, drain […]

Getting a good look at those underground drainage systems

The cleanliness of a big city like London largely depends on properly functioning drainage systems. A good drainage system keeps the city clean enough to meet healthy living conditions. Leaking or blocked drains, if left unattended for a long time can create a number of frustrating problems. As drainage systems are constructed underground, inspecting them […]

CCTV surveys can help a great deal with drain management

Drains in big cities like London have a much higher chance of getting blocked when compared to other cities. Drains can get clogged due a number of reasons. A root of a tree might block a drain, debris fallen into the drain due to construction work can also sometimes block a drain. Moreover, drains like […]

CCTV Surveys in London and Essex

              As the demand for high level cost effective CCTV surveys in London and Essex grows, London Drainage Facilities invest in another main line camera to accomodate growth. The new unit purchased in August is unit equipped with it’s own power source, capable of surveying pipes from 100mm up to 1000mm, and […]

Sainsburys and London Drainage Facilities Ltd

In September 07 London Drainage Facilities were requested to carry out CCTV surveys for a number of Sainsburys stores with a view to map the entire drainage systems throughout the store floors and in some case the car parks too, so that their Architects could design new drainage layouts to suit each store refurb. Since […]
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