CCTV Surveys and Inspection

CCTV survey equipment

The drains which leave domestic and commercial properties and the public sewers which carry the waste to sewage treatment works across the city of London do not always work without problems. In fact, because most of London’s drainage system was built over one hundred years ago the drainage experts across the capital find themselves battling […]

CCTV drainage survey in London

Perhaps the most difficult part of a drainage engineer’s job is finding out where a sewer is blocked. Most drainage engineers will resort to a using drain jetting equipment when a blockage occurs in the hope that the high pressure jet of water is powerful enough to blast though the clog. However if jetting fails […]

The CCTV survey is a great drain maintenance tool

Due to their size and their location, it is simply not possible to view the inside of many drains in the city of London. However, if you use CCTV survey equipment, this can give you images of the inside of the drainage pipes so the site of a blockage can be found. CCTV surveys in […]

Stopping roots entering the drainage system

One of the most common problems which drainage engineers face is root intrusion. When a drainage pipe is cracked or damaged roots find their way into the pipe and then quickly multiply. When this happens the waste flowing through the pipe finds it difficult to pass which eventually results in a drain blockage. If you […]

Checking for drainage problems before you buy a new house

Buying a house can be fraught with anxiety. There’s so much paperwork to do and so many things to be aware of that it’s easy to miss something important. Most of us who buy a house need to have some sort of survey done, either for the mortgage company or just so we can see […]

Drain assessment using video footage

Over the past few decades, drain repair methods have improved beyond comprehension. Where in the past a problem with a faulty drain would have led to the drain being excavated and replaced, there are now a whole host of different solutions drainage companies can use to instigate a drain repair. One of the recently used […]

CCTV drain survey – reasons for its increasing popularity

Drains and sewer systems get blocked due to different objects like food waste, oil and grease build-ups in drains, etc. These are some items that are mostly used near or poured into the kitchen basin. Besides this, structural defects can also cause drain blockage problems. As time passes, poor joints can get weak and create […]

Drainage inspections for mortgage applications

With the economy feeling the backlash of the economic downturn, it is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain a mortgage. And while in the past the banks and building societies were ‘throwing’ money at applicants, they are now taking the responsibility of money lending more seriously. If you have applied for a mortgage on a property, […]
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