Sector: Public (Council owned day care)

Client: Storm Group

Project Location: Lion and Hogarth Centre, Brentwood

Duration of project: 3 weeks

London Drainage Facilities were approached by Storm Group to offer vital support for their project at the Lion and Hogarth Centre in Brentwood.


The Lion and Hogarth Centre is a council-owned day centre for older people, providing care and a friendly, sociable environment to enjoy during retirement years. Unfortunately, the centre has experienced ongoing flooding and drainage issues over several years which have been problematic for the staff and day care community. Regular internal flooding has spoiled the facilities and routine at the centre. As a result, Storm Group contacted London Drainage Facilities to find a solution to this long-standing problem.


Our work began by using sophisticated CCTV technology to identify the ‘root’ of the problem. And in this case, it actually was tree roots that had spread and were affecting the drainage of the council property. Tree roots are one of the leading causes of blocked or cracked drains and they can cause significant problems with drainage if left to spread. A worst-case scenario can create overflowing manholes and even subsidence in a building, or problems with the foundations.


Roots are constantly growing as they seek out new sources of nutrients in soil, including water and oxygen. When pipes are laid beneath the ground, this often disturbs the soil around them, meaning that tree roots find it easier to grow along these paths. Where there are any slight cracks or leaks in pipework due to general wear and tear, tree roots can exploit these weaknesses and spread within them.


London Drainage Facilities quickly identified that tree roots were the cause of the issue. This identification allowed us to create an action plan to clear them and restore the property’s drainage system.

The next step was to use our powerful Picote machinery which is an effective way to cut through any blockages including concrete, tree roots and any other type of drain blockage. This equipment works by using twister brushes, along with a robust 3mm metal panel and a front drill head with star carbides. We carefully worked our way through the drain blockage, with regular CCTV resurveying beneath the ground to check on the progress. We also incorporated high pressure jet washing to flood water through the area as required, along with suction equipment to efficiently clear the roots.


The project was completed in just 3 weeks and has entirely resolved this ongoing issue at the Lion and Hogarth Centre in Brentwood, allowing the day care building to resume its activities.


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