Sector: Facilities Management

Client: House of Commons

Project Location: House of Commons, Palace of Westminster

Duration of project: 1 week

London Drainage Facilities responded to a flash flooding emergency at the House of Commons, following a prolonged stretch of downpours and storms. We provided tanker and wet vacs services to clear the flood and restore this high-profile building back to normal.


In the final weekend of July 2021, the UK was hit with extreme weather which caused flash flooding across the capital. Torrential rain hit the south of England with parts of London receiving a months’ worth of rain in just a single day. London Drainage Facilities had been called onsite to Newham General Hospital to clear the flood in the A&E department when they were approached by a press officer working for no. 10 Downing Street. He was tasked with creating a report to explain why an NHS hospital A&E department was closed and our team were happy to provide an in-depth discussion of the flooding challenge, the services we used to clear the building and evidence of a positive outcome.

This report was received by the Facilities Manager at the House of Commons who requested that we also attend the Palace of Westminster urgently to clear their own flash flooding problem.

Several rooms had been affected by the torrential downpour, which was still ongoing during the duration of the project. We were also careful to factor in the regular use of the building by government staff who were able to remain onsite throughout the project.


Over the course of a week, London Drainage Facilities used a combination of tanker and wet vac solutions to entirely clear the flood from this government building and ensure no permanent damage. Initially, we used the tanker works to remove the bulk of the water. Once only a lower-level volume of water remained, we then switched to using our wet vac machinery to clear the rest. This is an approach we routinely use when responding to an emergency flood, as in the case of Newham General Hospital also.

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During this particular episode of flooding, London’s fire brigade dealt with more than 300 calls over the space of a few hours due to rising water in basements or roads. Unfortunately, flash flooding is a common challenge we deal with in the UK, and it can cause significant problems to your building as well as health and safety. It pays to have the number of a professional drainage service company to hand in case you ever need help in a hurry.

London Drainage Facilities offer a jet vacuumation service with a high suction capability ensuring that your flood will be cleared even in the most severe types of weather. To learn more about our services, or to call us in an emergency, our 24-hour helpline is available on 0800 612 2179.

London Drainage Facilities Provides Tanker and Wet Vac Services To Clear House of Commons Flood