Sector: Construction

Client: Coniston Ltd

Project Location: Sheerness Dockyard Church

Duration of project: 1 month

London Drainage Facilities were approached by Coniston Ltd, who are contractors on the largescale Sheerness Dockyard Church renovation at Sheppey, Kent.


The original Sheerness Dockyard Church was badly damaged by fire back in 2001. The building stands at the entrance to the former Royal Dockyard on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent. To support young people and new businesses in Sheppey, the Dockyard church project aims to restore Sheerness back to its former glory.

This is an enormous project, and the church is currently one of the most important buildings at risk in the south east of England. As a result, the project received a £4.2 million grant from the National Lottery Heritage Fund in 2019. From November 2020, an 18-month restoration project began to save the church.

As part of this extensive project, the construction company Coniston Ltd approached London Drainage Facilities to assist with repairing the drainage system in and around this historic building.


Before we could begin to provide drainage solutions, we required CCTV for full surveillance of the area we needed to repair – for this stage of the project, we used a CCTV crawler unit. This type of drain surveying technology allowed us to capture large diameter pipework of up to 900mm which isn’t possible with smaller solutions. Once in place, our technical team reviewed the footage to determine the most effective repair option available.

In this case, we used high pressure water jetting to clear out excess debris and remove the drainage blockages using a tanker. Unfortunately, our work uncovered issues with the lining of the drainage systems which were causing problems with its structural integrity. Therefore, we also carried out extensive resin patching and lining repairs to fix 120 metres of scaled and defective drainage.

This type of liner traverses around bends so it is mapped to the exact contours of the original pipe. Once the liner is in position, the resin sets which effectively bonds the liner to the pipe walls. Any previous fractures or open joints are entirely sealed – this improves the strength of the pipe and prevents unpleasant smells from leaking through cracks in the pipes. Critically, this solution also stops water from leaking into the surrounding ground.

As part of the liner repair task, our team worked efficiently in confined spaces to get the project completed and drainage restored in this historic building.

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