Client Overview:

Global Life Sciences Solutions Operations UK Ltd. is a prominent company operating in the life sciences sector. They own a facility located at Amersham Place, Little Chalfont HP7 9NA, where they conduct various operations critical to their business.


The underslab drainage system at the Amersham Place facility required urgent attention due to various issues affecting its functionality. To address this, the client engaged our team of professionals to conduct a comprehensive CCTV survey of the drainage system to identify any underlying problems.

Scope of Work:

London Drainage Facilities commenced the project by conducting a thorough CCTV survey of all accessible underslab drainage across the site. This involved deploying specialised equipment and trained personnel to inspect the entire drainage network for any defects, blockages, or damages.

Upon completion of the survey, it was evident that extensive repair works were necessary to restore the drainage system to its original state. The identified issues included the need for lining, patching, cleaning/descaling and root cutting.

The repair process involved the following steps:

Cleaning/Descaling and Root Cutting: Utilising specialist Picote machinery, the team conducted cleaning, descaling and root cutting operations to prepare the pipes for repair.

Lining and Patching: Extensive lining and patching works were carried out on sections of the drainage system, involving the application of 100mm and 150mm lining and patching materials.

CCTV Inspection: For pipework sized at 225mm, a specialist Crawler Unit and a trained 3-man team equipped with confined space equipment were deployed to conduct CCTV inspections to ensure the integrity of the repaired sections.

Excavation and Replacement: In instances where sections of pipework were collapsed beyond repair, excavation works were undertaken by specialist teams. The damaged sections were replaced with BS-approved equivalents and backfilled to match the existing surface area.

Post-Repair Survey: Following the completion of all repair works, a comprehensive re-survey of all sections of pipework was conducted to verify that the repairs were executed correctly and to ensure the overall integrity of the drainage system.


Several challenges were encountered throughout the project, including the need for specialised equipment, confined space requirements for certain inspection tasks, and the complexity of the repair works due to the extent of damage to the drainage system.


Despite the challenges faced, London Drainage Facilities successfully completed the rehabilitation of the underslab drainage system at Amersham Place. The repaired system now functions efficiently, ensuring uninterrupted operations at the client’s facility and mitigating the risk of future drainage issues.


The project exemplifies London Drainage Facilities’ expertise in providing comprehensive drainage solutions, addressing complex issues with precision and efficiency. By successfully restoring the underslab drainage system, the project has contributed to the seamless operation of the client’s facility and has enhanced its infrastructure resilience.