Project Overview:

Lewisham Park Towers is undergoing a comprehensive regeneration project aimed at enhancing the infrastructure and living conditions within the site. The project encompasses three towers, involving the complete replacement of exterior cladding, internal refurbishments of kitchens and bathrooms, and the relocation of soil stacks. The scope of work also includes the installation of new soil stacks spanning the entire height of the towers and connecting each property to underground drainage.

Project Phases:

The regeneration project is structured into four distinct phases spanning a period of two years:

Phase 1 (Completed March ’24):

This phase focused on laying the groundwork by installing the bases of the stacks and connecting them to the main underground drainage system.

Phase 2 (Summer of ’24):

During this phase, brackets and fixings were installed throughout the height of the towers in preparation for stack installation. Concurrently, Clait, a contracted company, commenced the installation of cladding around the brackets and fixings.

Phase 3 (Early ’25):

The main objective of this phase is the installation of stacks spanning the entire height of the towers, with connections prepared for individual property hook-ups.

Phase 4:

The final phase involves transitioning properties to the new stacks and capping off the existing ones, ensuring a seamless switch to the upgraded infrastructure.

Additional Installations:

In addition to the core regeneration works, three new installations were carried out to facilitate temporary site welfare services. These installations included pipework preparation for connection by plumbing contractors.

Project Cost:

The drainage works associated with the project amounted to approximately £800k, indicating the scale and investment required for the successful execution of the regeneration endeavour.


The Lewisham Park Towers regeneration project represents a significant undertaking aimed at revitalising the infrastructure and living spaces within the site. Through meticulous planning and execution across multiple phases, the project aims to deliver enhanced amenities and improved living standards for residents over the coming years.

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