Discovery of a fault

The signs of a blockage or damage to your plumbing system are never pleasant; leaks, slow draining water and foul smells are often the first hints, often followed by flooding from residential manholes or even less welcome, toilets backing up. Early discovery of the precise damage is essential to fixing it swiftly and effectively.

What is a CCTV survey?

Closed Circuit (or CCTV) surveys are used to allow qualified inspectors to visually inspect areas of a plumbing system which are usually out of reach due to the size or location of the pipes. Using a variety of cameras operators are able to take both still images and video footage of the pipes in question and create accurate maps and plans of the plumbing and the damage itself. This method of viewing the damage takes away the necessity of physically disassembling undamaged pipework or removing walls/lawn which may be in the way. It also takes all guesswork out of the diagnosis process, both for the location and nature of the fault. In this way the repairs can take place with the correct equipment, in the correct place, and without any wastage of time or materials, saving money in the long run.

When is a survey needed?

When a blockage or damage within your drains is suspected, it can be difficult to locate the damage or even to determine precisely which works need to be completed. Sometimes the difficulty is due to the winding pipe systems involved, or sometimes the location of the suspected damage or lack of a proper manhole makes things significantly more challenging. In any situation, one solution is available thanks to modern technology – CCTV. Surveying drains using CCTV allow our operators to swiftly locate and diagnose any faults.


To locate or visually inspect your drains, our knowledgeable team of engineers make use of high-tech modern CCTV systems which are able to travel round 45-degree corners and even toilet pans. In larger pipes our state of the art ‘crawler’ units can complete surveys on pipes up to 90cm. These modern crawler units have brought CCTV capabilities forward by leaps and bounds as some are even able to take accurate laser measurements of pipe diameters and length as well as the dimensions of any fissures or cracks. Several crawler systems are equipped to adapt to changing sizes of pipes, reducing the need for multiple costly unity whilst also speeding up the surveying process. We are committed to keeping up to date with the latest technologies to provide you with the most efficient and effective services available.


Once the practical survey is completed, our technical team will analyse the footage and provide the information in a comprehensive report via Dropbox for instant viewing, along with a written document with images taken throughout and the operators’ suggestions of the work needed to fix the issues found. Our team will always endeavour to offer the most cost-effective options so repairing your drainage systems won’t break the bank in the process.

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