CCTV is commonly associated with surveillance, and with using cameras to track activity in public spaces and around specific areas of note and high importance. A tactic employed by businesses as well as homeowners, CCTV is a security measure which allows the user to see what’s going on via a camera – with the same concept at play when it comes to drainage CCTV. The purpose, however, is very different.

Offering CCTV surveys across London and beyond, our team are experts at diagnosing concerns and drainage problems using a combination of visual evidence and our extensive skillset. The result can often be a more efficient service, as the CCTV footage allows us to pinpoint the issue and dissect the blockage more effectively before engaging the correct recovery and repair service.

Here’s how it works and what the benefits of CCTV surveys are.

How do CCTV surveys work?

A CCTV survey is a comprehensive service, which first involves a consultant visiting the site before booking in a specialist engineer with the correct equipment.

The camera itself is mounted on the end of a long fibre optic cable which can be fed into a drain or network of sewers, and which is flexible enough to traverse and be manipulated around U-bends and corners. The idea is that the camera can access even the deepest of pipes without needing to dig up the whole system – making it quicker and easier to identify the problem and work out how best to solve it.

Once we have completed the survey itself, visual and video footage will be processed into a formal report by a certified OSIQX operator which combines documentation and information outlining the recommended next steps. We will follow this up with an estimate which contains the remedial work and gives you more information about the scale of the job and exactly how disruptive any repair work is likely to be.

The benefits of a CCTV survey

In essence, the main benefit of a CCTV survey is that it provides a comprehensive look at what is causing a blockage or issue in your drain. Using this, homeowners, and clients can understand the extent of the damage, and we can diagnose and isolate the problem more quickly.

Another benefit of CCTV surveys considering a blocked or damaged drain is the ability to pinpoint the exact location of the issue without digging up full pipes and causing damage to the rest of the system. By identifying the exact area where the issue lies, our expert drainage engineers can work out how to access the problem area with minimal surrounding damage.

Finally, all of this means that not only can drainage issues and blockages be rectified more quickly, but they can also be fixed at a much lower cost. This makes CCTV surveys worth the investment, and a more cost effective solution which is accessible to clients across London and beyond.

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