Modern technology has meant that we can now see deep into drainage systems to locate problems and resolve them. The inherent problem with drainage systems is that they are located deep underground and so access can sometimes be prohibitive. In the past, if a blocked drain was suspected, the drainage system had to be completely dug up to find the source of the problem and then remedy it.

Using CCTV surveys, drain companies can now locate the source of the problem and suggest an appropriate remedy without having to dig up the drain and thus cause little damage to the surrounding surface area.

Root intrusion in drains
One of the most common blockages we find in drains today is root intrusion. This happens when capillary roots from plants or trees find their way into the drainage system in their search for water. Because the water supply in a drain is abundant, the root system quickly develops until the problem escalates and the drain becomes completely blocked. If the drainage company finds that the blocked drain is caused by root intrusion, they can then use a specialist piece of equipment called a root cutter that trims back the roots so a liner material can be used to repair the section where the root intrusion occurred.

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