Sometimes, the symptoms of a blocked drain conceal just that – a blockage which can be broken up and flushed away with the right professional equipment and attention to detail.

Having said that, sometimes there is something else going on beneath the surface and underneath your plughole – with extensive blockages and abandoned debris causing more severe damage if left untreated and unmanaged.

A CCTV survey London service combines hands-on support with investigative equipment, designed to isolate the cause of the issue and understand exactly what damage has been caused, to minimise damage to the surrounding network of pipes. Featuring a small camera and an extending tube which can move through pipes and around U-bends, a CCTV survey is an effective way of working out what the issue is to deliver the right solutions and services.

Here’s how it works.

The signs you might need a CCTV survey

Most clients will not realise that they need a CCTV survey until a team of professionals tackles a drain blockage, only to find that normal drain jetting and cleaning does not alleviate the issue. If extensive or lasting damage is suspected somewhere within the pipe network, a CCTV survey is an alternative to digging up the pipe – granting a professional team visual access to the inside of the network to identify the issue and work out exactly where it is.

If you think that your drains are blocked, calling a professional drainage cleaning team will help you to get one step closer to a CCTV survey to diagnose and hopefully fix any underlying issues.

What the survey involves

If a CCTV survey is required, the team will fix a camera to the end of an extendable pipe and feed it into the pipe network. The camera records everything it comes across and feeds the visual back to a monitor which is being operated by a member of the team. This live feed lets them see what the camera is seeing, allowing them to manipulate and move the camera around to get a clear picture of what’s going on.

Following the practical part of the survey, the team will compile a report with visual and video evidence of the damage, including their recommended actions to repair and fix the problem. This report is created in line with insurance requirements so that homeowners can get the right support and financial guidance in place before committing to the project.

The benefits of a CCTV survey

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of a CCTV survey is the ability to access live footage from inside the pipes without having to dig up the entire localised network and drainage system. This saves a great deal of cost, time, and damage to the property and surrounding ground – not to mention it facilitates a much faster end-to-end process.

Another benefit is the compilation of the report for a comprehensive overview of the issue, with the best local drainage teams offering plenty of advice to help homeowners and property owners fix their drainage issues as affordably and efficiently as possible.

If you’re concerned about the stability and integrity of your own drains, book a call or consultation with your local drainage company today.

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