Taking a Look Inside Your Drains

CCTV drain surveys are a great way of getting a clear picture of what is happening inside your drains, and are a brilliant diagnostic tool.

Want to get a clear picture of what is going on inside your drains? That’s where our drainage CCTV services come in. Our drain technicians will expertly operate cameras within your drains, allowing us to identify any issues and move forward with the most appropriate course of action. Here’s everything you need to know:

What is a CCTV drain survey?

First things first, what is a CCTV drain survey? Well, it is actually becoming one of the most popular services that we offer here at London Drainage. Using state of the art cameras operated by our expert team, we will be able to access a live feed directly from your drains. This is a much quicker and more cost-effective way of seeing what is going on, whether it’s to investigate a problem or just as part of your ongoing drain maintenance.

When is it needed?

Why is it needed? Well, it allows us to see exactly what is happening inside your drains. If you are dealing with a suspected blockage, we will be able to use our CCTV cameras to locate it and determine the most appropriate course of action. It’s also the easiest way of checking on the condition of your drains, and we are able to do so remotely – which means much less mess and much less disruption!

What happens afterwards?

So what happens after a CCTV drain survey has been completed? Well, that’s where the real work begins! Once we have a definite idea of what is going on inside your drains, we will be able to decide on the most appropriate solution. We are able to clear blockages with drain jets, and if large scale repairs or replacement of your drain is needed, we will be able to put together a plan right away. A CCTV survey means that there is no guesswork, and we will be able to proceed correctly.

What properties is it suitable for?

One thing that we are asked a lot is if CCTV drain surveys are for domestic or commercial properties. The answer is both! We work with a really diverse range of clients, and we are equally at home working on homes as we are business premises. We make a real effort to get to know every single customer that we work with, so we can deliver a service that has been tailored to their exact needs. So no matter what kind of property you are in, we are here to help!

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