It’s time for a fact check blog, this time focussing on our CCTV surveys in London and how we use CCTV not as part of monitoring locations and people but as part of our work in identifying, navigating, and alleviating drain blockages.

So many clients come to us wondering why CCTV is one of the core services that we offer as a drain unblocking and maintenance company – the truth is that the CCTV we’re talking about is simply one of our more sophisticated tools, used to identify and pinpoint blockages within a drainage system which we cannot reach manually.

Keep reading to find out exactly how we use these CCTV tools as part of our work with clients across London.

How does CCTV support our drain unblocking service?

When something goes wrong in the drainage system of your home, the chances are that you will call on a local professional such as London Drainage to both identify and fix the issue. While many blockages are caused by common issues such as a build-up of hair or grease, wipes which have been flushed down the toilet, and foreign objects which have made their way into pipes and become blocked or stuck, there are some jobs we attend which are near impossible to diagnose on sight alone.

The traverses and bends in modern piping and drainage systems only serving to make this task more difficult, more often than not we turn to CCTV and the benefit of being able to track a camera into the pipes to see what’s going on.

Armed with the footage from a flexible and versatile CCTV camera system, our team are then able to compile a detailed and comprehensive report which outlines the issue, pinpoints the cause of the blockage, and provides the recommended next steps. This is particularly important in the face of bigger issues than mere blockages, for example, if a drain has completely collapsed and the homeowner needs a full report to ensure the fixes and repairs can be done under their home insurance.

How does the CCTV camera tool work?

Here at London Drainage, we attach CCTV cameras onto the end of pipes which can be fed into the drainage system of a property and provide live feedback to the portable screen which accompanies the camera. We are able to adjust and move the camera accordingly to gain the clearest view of the blockage or issue, this live feed lets us diagnose the issue and outlined the recommended next steps for repair without creating huge environmental upheaval unnecessarily. This is a non-invasive alternative to digging up the pipes and is the best and most efficient way of understanding not only what the issue is but precisely where it is and what impact it is having.

Our team will know if a CCTV survey is required on your property or if they can complete a drain cleaning or unblocking service without the technology – and can advise you on what is required to keep your drainage system in full working order.

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