There are many reasons why a drain may become blocked, with a homeowner themselves the likely culprit of the drain blockage. Homeowners don’t realise the consequences of flushing inappropriate items down the toilet, such as nappies or cotton wool buds, and only realise their mistake when they have to phone a local drainage company.

Besides inappropriate items finding their way into the drainage system, these other things can cause blocked drainage.

  • The accumulation of garden debris – Leaf litter and small decorative stones or gravel, which is used on a path or driveway, can find its way into the drainage system through the gullies adjoining your property. This debris can block a drain completely.
  • Root growth – Roots can find their way into the drainage system through small fissures in the drainage pipes. When roots find a source of water they can quickly multiply and cause a drain blockage.
  • Pipe damage – Drainage pipes don’t last forever and there will come a time that due to age alone the pipes will deteriorate beyond repair.
  • Subsidence – Drain subsidence isn’t very common but when it does happen the drain can be damaged beyond ‘no dig’ technology boundaries and excavation may be needed.

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