If you are a homeowner, you’ll be familiar with drainage problems, from simple sink blockages where the water doesn’t drain away due to foodstuffs blocking the plughole, to toilet blockages where the water in the pan isn’t taken away when you flush the chain. In most of these situations the homeowner themselves can usually remedy the problem, however when their best attempts fail, it’s usually time to contact the drainage professionals.

What services do drainage professionals offer?

Drain cleaning professionals offer many services besides regular drain unblocking, some of these include:

Drain jetting

Drain jetting is the process where a high pressure jet of water is directed down the drain to remove any debris which may have accumulated within the pipe. This could be non-flushable items such as sanitary wear, nappies, contraceptives or even a build up of congealed fat. High pressure water jetting proves extremely useful to drain jetting firms because instead of using physical methods such as rods to remove a clog, which can damage the inside of the pipe, the jet of water washes through the blockage whilst also cleaning the inside of the pipe in the process.

CCTV surveys

CCTV drainage surveys are a critical part of a drainage professional’s arsenal. In the past a drainage contractor would have to use experience alone to work out what the problem was with a blocked drainage pipe. After the introduction of CCTV survey equipment, images of the inside of the drainage pipe can now be relayed to a computer where a visual analysis of the problem can take place. This means that the number of unnecessary drain excavation jobs has decreased exponentially, as the drainage firm will be able to formulate a plan to remove the problem instead of excavating to see what is happening.

Drain liner repair

After a drainage company has performed a survey on a problematic drain they may find that the drain is cracked, broken or even deviated. If this is the case they will then have one of two options – either excavation, to replace the damaged section of drain or if possible the installation of a drain liner repair. If a drain liner repair is possible, it will mean that excavation will be reduced to a minimum level and the drain will be able to be repaired with the minimum of disruption. In this process a resin impregnated liner is blown into the damaged section of pipe. The liner is then inflated to the internal pipe diameter and left to set. The resin bonds to the original pipe and after the liner has set the pipe will once again be able to carry waste with no problems.

Drainage professionals carry out all manner of drainage jobs, from simple sink unblocking to replacement of the private drain which takes the waste from your home to the public sewer.

If you have a drainage problem, it can sometimes be pertinent to call the professionals before the problems get worse, in big cities like London, for example, it also pays to have a drain maintenance contract in place so if the worst does happen they’ll be someone on the end of the phone you’ll be able to rely upon.

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