When it comes to your drainage system, you may think that it’s simply a case of calling someone out every time you have a problem.

Of course, asking the experts to tackle your drain maintenance is a good idea as they have the knowledge and specialist equipment to deal with a whole range of problems effectively and safely.
But before you dial that number, it is worth having a look into what you are actually responsible for. For example, there is a difference between a private drain and a sewer.

A private drain is the system which transports the wastewater away from your property. This is your responsibility as the property owner.

Private sewers are completely different and these are the drains which combine to serve more than one property. These remain private until they become connected with the public sewer. A private sewer is jointly owned by the property owners of the houses it serves. They are all responsible for the maintenance and repair of these sewers. If this becomes blocked or there are any other problems with it, it is the joint responsibility of all of the property owners who use this sewer.

A public sewer, on the other hand, runs below public roads and these are owned and maintained by the local water authority.

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