D?r Cymru, the Welsh Water company has been fined £3,800 after a deteriorating drainage system allowed raw sewage to enter a lake in Llanberis.

Llyn Padarn Lake was polluted in April when a cast iron pipe broke and sewage made its way into the lake via Afon Goch. The Environment Agency were quickly made aware of the pollution and posted signs so people did not use the lake. Upon further investigation there was no evidence that any wildlife that used the lake died as a consequence.

The north Wales area manager for the Environment Agency stated:

“It’s disappointing that this happened, and in such an environmentally sensitive area and one that relies on the recreational use of the lake.”

He also stated that he was pleased that D?r Cymru was making steps in the right direction and the Environment agency was:

“encouraged that since this incident the company’s attitude towards its environmental obligations in the area has been positive,”

Further elaborating on the case he commented:

“Prevention is better than cure, and we will be working closely with the company to try and prevent incidents of this type recurring,

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