This summer a regional water and sewerage operator is to take to the streets to spread the message about how the public can do their bit to prevent blockages in the sewers.

Yorkshire Water has just got their ‘Are You Doing the Dirty?’ campaign underway as it goes out and about to places like Scarborough, Sheffield, York and Leeds to educate people in why many sewer flooding incidents occur.

The company are giving away a number of freebies as part of the campaign while prizes can also be won.

It has taken these steps to meet the public and make them aware of this issue as around 37 percent of sewer blockages were found to have been preventable. They were due to the wrong things being put down sinks and toilets causing blockages and sewer flooding.

The campaign is aimed at reducing the damage and devastation caused to homes in the region and to lower the chances that pipes will become blocked.

Everyone is reminded of the fact that they can help with this by just changing their behaviour somewhat. Yorkshire Water has issued guidelines on this to tackle the problem of home flooding.

For any serious blockages or flooding of your home or business, it is always advisable to speak to the drain maintenance specialists to address this issue.

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