London drainage company Thames Water has made a public apology after sewage was allowed to seep into a lake in Edmonton.

The incident occurred on Friday the 16th November and was discovered by passers-by who reeled at the foul stench coming from the water’s surface.

Thames Water and the Environment Agency investigated the leak and found that a sewage pipe had become blocked resulting in the waste water overflowing into the lake in Pymmes Park.

Pumps were put into the lake by the London drain company to aerate the water in an attempt to save any wildlife.

A spokesperson for Thames Water said:

“Any pollution incident is deeply regrettable and we’re very sorry for the damage this has caused.

“A blockage on a sewer caused waste water to overflow into a surface drain and flow into Pymmes Park lake.”

Pymmes Brook was not affected by the spill. Campaigners are asking Thames Water to put a plan into place which will stop this type of flooding at times of heavy rainfall or when pipes become blocked.

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