Drainage systems are of concern for all cities and villages around the world. It is really important to have a functioning drainage system in order avoid blockages and debris.

London drainage companies use a technique called jetting which manages to clear blockages located in remote places much more easily. It breaks down the debris and lessens the chances of blockage. If roots are causing a blockage, they will use a water propelled rotary root cutter which is used to gradually trim back the cause of the problem and thus bring the drain back to working condition.

Another technique used is surface cleaning. Surface cleaning allows for water to be sent at 3,000 psi through a lancing gun, driven by a high pressure jetting machine, which can get rid off immovable blemishes such as debris, paint, mud and other silted slabs. It is a far better and cheaper option than having surfaces replaced.

Professionals avoid the use of chemicals to counter drainage problems; instead they maintain the drainage system by checking it on a regular basis and using the techniques above.

Professional drain cleaning companies also use electro-mechanical de-scaling equipment. This involves a rotating drum which is filled with a solid inner core cable. This cable has a balanced cutting head attached, proportionate to the size of the pipe that needs cleaning. This cable scrapes the pipe, removing the deposits and thus clears any sort of blockage.

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