One of the most common problems faced by drainage professionals is root intrusion into drainage pipes. Roots work their way into our drainage by finding small cracks or fissures in the pipe’s surface. When they enter the drain they quickly multiply due to the easy to access source of water and can eventually stop water flowing down the drain completely.

Drainage cleaners in London use state of the art technology to combat these blockages so the drains don’t have to be excavated for the roots to be removed.

To remove roots from drainage pipes drain cleaners in London use a type of trenchless technology which removes the roots without excavating the drain. They simply insert a spinning root cutter into the drainage system which mechanically cuts the roots back to the internal diameter of the drainage pipe. To stop the roots growing back, the drain cleaners in London then insert a liner into the drainage pipe which when set provides a barrier against further root growth.

Root intrusion into drainage pipes is becoming a big problem in London as the city’s drainage gets older, but the drain cleaning experts in the city have the tools at their disposal to stop the roots in their tracks.

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