When undertaking the task of clearing blockages and ensuring all pipes are efficient for drainage, a de-scaling machine can also be used to de-scale the relevant sections of the drainage.

It is easy for blockages to occur and high water pressure jetting is the equipment of choice in tackling this task. However, technicians may also report that the drainage system is soiled or scaled, and this is where a de-scaling machine proves to be useful.

When de-scaling the pipes, the rough edges which contribute to the blockage are effectively removed by one of these electro-mechanical de-scaling machines. The equipment is manufactured specifically for use with all de-scaling requirements.

The machine has a scale cutting head on the end of a rotating drum to clean the pipe in question. As the cutting head scrapes the pipe, it removes deposits and you are eventually left with a smooth pipe devoid of scales.

This need for the utilisation of specialist equipment to perform effective drainage solutions is one of the key reasons why you should always enlist the help of drain maintenance professionals when your property is affected by blocked drains.

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