Recent forensic findings have led to the detection of human sewage in the sea water of Torbay. The study was conducted by the Environment agency. The study was conducted to find out the root cause of pollution in sea around Britain. It is a grave matter considering the damage it might cause to the natural environment.

DNA investigation was carried out of Torre Abbey Sand’s sea water. The level of pollution tends to increase post heavy showers.

The recent evidence of sewage residue has been a major area of concern for the concerned officials. The European commission is particularly unhappy because of the sewage disposal system currently in place. Some sewage is even untreated and might pose a severe threat to marine life.

The officials from the European Commission have expressed their displeasure pertaining to Britain’s inability to meet with the EU guidelines. The concerned officials at Torbay have agreed to set up an effective sewage treatment system.

Earlier, safety warnings were provided to prohibit swimmers from bathing in the waters of Torbay. Torbay officials also regularly announce safety warnings to the people of Torbay, particularly after the rains.

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