London Drainage Facilities’ CCTV drain surveys provide vital answers for homeowners and firms struggling to identify the source of a blockage.


London Drainage Facilities offers comprehensive CCTV surveys that can be used to pinpoint the exact location of a blockage. Once the problem has been detected, the London Drainage Facilities (LDF) team take the appropriate action to stop this blockage from occurring time and time again.

This innovative CCTV technology allows specialists to investigate complex drainage systems, even those that include 45 degree bends and congested gullies. Major structural complications are assessed by a member of the technical team using video footage. The technician will then suggest and implement the most suitable procedure in order to correct the problem as quickly as possible and prevent future issues.

Though there are plenty of drainage contractors offering these highly efficient and effective CCTV surveys in the capital, Danny Fuller, LDF’s Managing Director, believes that his company offers the best deal in the region.

“Clients will find it difficult to experience a more robust approach towards CCTV surveillance elsewhere in the city,” he says. “Aside from employing some of the most skilled technicians in the UK, we keep our services competitive, ensuring that the costs involved in the project remain as low and as transparent as possible.”

Customers that request a CCTV survey from London Drainage Facilities can expect a detailed written report, along with an analytical site plan and a video via Dropbox link, revealing what the CCTV has captured in full. Defects, blockages and flaws will be recorded in the report using still images and accompanied by an estimate.

Examples of standard CCTV survey reports can be found online and are provided to give potential clients a strong idea of what they can expect to receive from the firm.

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