Work to renovate an underground reservoir in Ipswich is due to commence at the end of September.
The reservoir was originally built in 1902 and is buried deep beneath an earth bank. It stores water which is then pumped into Ipswich, from where it is used by homes and businesses.

The reservoir has been in need of a general check and clean for some time, so the work should restore it to its former glory.

The project manager on the job, Matt Humphrey, stated:

“The reservoir is an amazing piece of construction. From the outside it just looks like a large, grassy bank but underneath is a huge concrete tank.

“It’s a massive space, supported by rounded steel columns, and holding 21 million litres of water. We have had a look around inside using a remote camera but we can’t wait to actually get inside and have a look around for ourselves.”

The reservoir will be drained on the 19th of September after the 6,000 tonnes of topsoil have been removed from above the tank. The reservoir will then be thoroughly cleaned and checked, when access is gained, and any signs of damage will be repaired. Water and drainage company Anglian Water will be carrying out the works.

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