The £1.9m sewer and drain maintenance works in Penrith are now well underway. And as a bonus to those people affected by the works in the town, United Utilities have set up a £5,000 funding scheme, which will offer small grants to community groups.

The funds will be available to voluntary groups, self-help groups, community groups and those charities who make Penrith a better place to live.

The Grants, worth £500 each, will be jointly administered by Eden District Council.

Caroline Brumwell, who is the project co-ordinator for the works stated:

“We need to do this work to help improve water quality in streams like Myers Beck and Thacka Beck. This means installing some large structures very deep under the roadway. There is no way to do this without causing some upheaval but we are working with local businesses and residents to minimise disruption where we can.

“That’s one of the reasons we wanted to establish this fund. To say thanks, and to put something back into the communities where we are working.”

People can make applications to the Penrith United Utilities Community Fund now.

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