One of the most common problems drainage engineers in London face when they attend a drain blockage is the build-up of congealed fat.

Although drainage companies spend thousands of pounds trying to educate homeowners regarding the items which can and which can’t be disposed of down the drain, every year thousands of drains become blocked due to the unwitting disposal of liquid fat.

Fat may be in a liquid form when you pour it down the sink but as soon as it hits your cool drainage pipes it starts to congeal and eventually stops the flow of water completely. And if the drain which leaves your home is not shared by a neighbour you could find that the problem will be your problem to fix.

It’s only when drains are shared with neighbours or the drain enters a public sewer that the local waste water company will take responsibility for the problem, until that point you’ll have to hire a drainage company and pay for any repairs.

Fat can be removed from drainage pipes quite easily but the damage done by the blocked drain won’t be so easy to ignore, in the worst cases the blocked drain will cause sewage to bubble up from your drains which may or may not also enter your home.

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