People often get confused about their drainage systems and how to maintain them. However, it’s important to know a little bit about the systems to help prevent any potential problems.

There are many different varieties of pipes and drains which take your waste water to the main sewer.

• Private drainage: This type of drain is solely maintained by the owner of the property, and they are responsible for the repairs and bills. These drains take waste water from the property to the main drainage system.
• Private sewer: A locality will have about 5 to 6 apartments connected to one sewer. The drains of all of the premises connect to the main private sewer and waste is then flushed to a main sewer. Drain maintenance and repairs are the responsibility of all the owners of the apartments.
• Public sewer: The pipes that carry large volumes of waste under roads are the public sewers. These are maintained by an authority or council, and are then connected to the major pipelines of national sewers.

Drainage systems are both private and public property. People have to work in sync to get wastage out of the residential area, and this has an effect on the entire highway drainage system.

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