We may try various methods at home to solve the problem of a blocked drain; however, it may not prove that beneficial as we have no idea as to what is blocking the drains. At this time, calling for professional help could be the right thing to do.

Drain repairs in London offer you services such as CCTV survey, drain jetting, root removal and drain repairs.

Drain jetting and root removal:

In drain jetting, water is forced in the drain with a high pressure to break down and flush away debris and grease. Condensed water is sent through the nozzle with a pressure of 4000 pounds per inch.

The jetting system loosens soil and clogged material and thus clears the drain efficiently. Entangled roots can also be a reason leading to a blockage. A spinning root cutter propelled with water can then be allowed in the drain to cut off the roots, leaving the drain without any clogging.

The entire process is monitored with the help of a CCTV camera to ensure the structure of the pipe inside is maintained.

A clear drainage system can keep your home and the city clean. Maintained drains can prevent floods, keeping your city safe and healthy.

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