Drainage problems can be tricky to solve, that is unless you have your drains assessed and then repaired by a local drainage company in London.

Drainage companies in London perform all kinds of maintenance tasks, from drain jetting to root removal. However, in many cases the drain which leaves your home may be damaged and require replacing or extensive repairs.

The traditional method of solving a broken drainage pipe is to excavate the pipe and replace the pipe with new. This requires machinery, sand, aggregate, back filling of the excavated material and then repair of the pavement or the driveway. All this can be costly and time consuming, not to mention the mess which can be caused to the homeowner’s garden.

The new method of replacing a drainage pipe is to insert a liner into the damaged drainage pipe so it is restored to a working condition. All this requires is an entry and exit point for the liner and hence this method generates less mess than the traditional excavation method.

Sometimes if the area of pipe damage is small, a small epoxy resin liner can be blown into the damaged pipe. The liner is then inflated and the resin sets hard to the internal pipe diameter, repairing the pipe in situ. This method does not require any excavation as a manhole cover can be used as the access point where the liner is inserted.

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