How to Prevent Blockages on Your Property

There are a number of common causes of blocked drains, and London Drainage are here to help you identify them.

As the experts in blocked drains London property owners trust, we have come to see some common causes of blockages during our callouts across the capital. Here are 10 things to watch out for, and how you can prevent them from causing damage:


Fat is one of the leading causes of blocked drains, so be sure to drain all of your oil, butter or cooking fat into the bin before you wash your dishes in the sink – and definitely do not pour it down the drain!

Baby wipes

Baby wipes are so convenient to use, but they absolutely cannot be flushed down the toilet. They’re one of the main contributors to massive ‘fatbergs’ in sewers, as they do not break down in water.


Hair is another thing that can quickly block drains. To prevent this, be sure to place a cover over your plughole to use while you are showering. That way, water will still be able to drain away freely.

Food scraps

We’re all guilty of cleaning our plates and letting food scraps go down the drain. This can lead to a serious blockage though – so be sure to bin any leftovers, no matter how miniscule the pieces are.

Bath bombs

Bath bombs have never been more popular, and they are a great way to relax. However, some can clog drains. Try to limit your use of them, and look for ones containing soluble materials when possible.

Coffee grounds

So many people love a pot of freshly brewed coffee in the morning, and think nothing of rinsing the grounds away down the sink. As small as they are, they can cause blockages. Instead, put them on your compost!

Liquid soap

You may have heard people say that soap causes blocked drains – but it’s a little more specific than that! Liquid soap is actually the main offender here, as is can bind other materials together and cause a blockage. So, use a bar of soap where you can.

Toilet bowl fresheners

Toilet bowl fresheners keep our loos smelling and looking fresh – but they can pose a risk to your drains if small pieces break off or the whole thing comes loose. If you are someone that uses them, make sure that they are secure.

The wrong kind of paper

Flushing the wrong kind of tissue down the toilet can also cause a blockage. Toilet paper is the only one designed to break down in water – so don’t ever be tempted to flush paper kitchen towels or the tissue you would blow your nose with.

Children’s toys

Last but not least are children’s bath toys. Now, we know that these are a bath time essential for many little ones (and the parents trying to get them clean!), but they can pose a risk to drains if any pieces break off. So, stay vigilant!

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