In an attempt to try to understand what the public believes to be flushable and non-flushable items, London drainage company Thames Water are hosting a ‘To flush, or not to flush?’ survey on their website.

Thames Water want to find out what their customers know about the problems associated with blocked drains in London so are conducting a survey to find out more. The survey is relatively short and asks the general public to identify items they can flush and items they can’t flush.

Customers are asked to highlight any of the items they have flushed down their toilet over the past six months, options include:

• Make-up wipes
• Sanitary towels
• Cotton buds
• Cooking fat
• Tampons
• Kitchen roll
• Left over food

The drainage pipes and sewers that lead away from our homes are only designed to carry human waste and toilet tissue. Any other waste which is flushed has the potential to cause a blockage in the drainage pipes, which may leave your property at the mercy of sewer flooding in your garden or even your home.

All of the above listed items can’t be flushed down the toilet and should be disposed of in the general waste.

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